Serena @ the Expo
Visiting Expo 2015 in Milan? First Make Sure You Read These Tips There are many reasons why you should visit the Expo 2015 in Milan. As I mentioned in my first impression article, this is Italy's opportunity to shine and prove that it is not just well

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Expo 2015 in Milan: the Pavilions, the Experience and the Food. For the past 11 years, I have lived with one foot on each side of the Atlantic.  Lucky circumstances and hard work brought me to move from Italy to New York.  Today, I consider myself

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Art Galleries in Milan
CityProfile Milan Part Three: the Best Art Galleries The CityProfile Milan series wouldn't be complete without a chapter about ART. Milan may not have been the cradle of art, as Rome and Florence once were, but it is the business capital of Italy.

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Guide to Restaurants in Bologna
CityProfile: Bologna It has been 1 year of pure bliss living in Bologna – which is aptly named “La Grassa” (or "the Chubby City"). To some of Europe, and those who travel there, Bologna has become a

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City Profile 2 Milan
CityProfile Milan: Part 2, the Power Couple The Second City Profile Milan captures the spirit of Lombardy's capital through the eyes of a power couple, Domenico Vito and Maria Reppucci.  Domenico and I have been friends for about 20 years because we

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Milan City Profile Part 1
CityProfile: Milan, Part 1 Milan is a city I learned to love only recently. In 2002 I was sent there for my first assignment as a first year associate: the due diligence of a large corporation. Needless to say,

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Caprai Winery 1
A Visit to Caprai Vineyard in Montefalco Umbria was always on my list of places to visit while living in Italy, as the hidden gem nestled between Tuscany and Marche is producing some hot wines these days. I was glad to finally get the

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CityProfile: Capri, Updated Dear Friends & Readers, Capri is one of the most charming and naturally beautiful places in the world. I visited as a kid but the real love story began in 2006 when I spent a

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