Honest Company: What you REALLY need to know about the sunscreen “scandal” I wasn't an early adopter of Jessica Alba's products. When Baby Lemonade was born I resorted to the usual brands for diapers, Pampers and Huggies. As a family tradition I used Mustela's baby products. Baby

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Youtube Fitness Gurus
Best Youtube Fitness Gurus When do you realize you've become a couch potato? Is it when everybody is making (and hopefully keeping) new years resolutions and you really couldn't care less? or when you avoid wearing pants because they

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Stress is in!
Stress is in! Tips to improve your communication skills Dear Lemonade 25 Readers, My name is Susan Sankin and I am a speech-language pathologist with more than 20 years of experience in foreign and regional accent reduction, voice improvement and public speaking skills. I

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The Secret to Baby Soft Feet As you may remember I have a very ambitious plan laid out to go back to my pre-pregnancy shape and look even better. During my pregnancy there were many things I couldn't do, like eating

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Back to Work After a Baby
Be Prepared: Organizational Tips for Going Back to Work After Baby 10 weeks have passed since Baby Lemonade was born and it's time to go back to work. My maternity leave may be short by Italian standards but it was fairly long by American Standards. I

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The Delivery Guide all Pregnant Women need to read
The Delivery Guide All Pregnant Women Need to Read Life has been super busy with Baby Lemonade. These days, I can't believe time flies as fast as it does: I have to return a million phone calls and read a billion emails but taking

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L25 interviews Matthew Kenney
Lemonade 25 interviews Matthew Kenney, the Prophet of Raw Food In the past few years many Americans have tried to turn their diet and lifestyle around introducing healthier alternatives.   While some have limited their dietary improvements to Meatless Monday, others have made more significant changes

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Guide to Beauty Sleep
How to get some quality sleep in 2014 Did you make any new year's resolution? They are so complicated. On one hand you want to become a better version of you, and on the other this better version sometimes take too much work

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