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Honest Company: What you REALLY need to know about the sunscreen “scandal” I wasn't an early adopter of Jessica Alba's products. When Baby Lemonade was born I resorted to the usual brands for diapers, Pampers and Huggies. As a family tradition I used Mustela's baby products. Baby

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Lindsay Cameron Biglaw
BigLaw, the Novel that will scare you off of New York Law Firms Ever since my first day in law school, many years ago, I pictured myself working at a big law firm in a major city. When I graduated and joined the ranks of a major US

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Upspeak  - Are you asking me
Upspeak…Are You Asking Me or Telling Me? What happened to the simple declarative sentence?  This is a legitimate question and therefore, it is appropriate and acceptable for my voice to rise at the end of this utterance.  However, the tendency to make

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We Want You to Save Neapolitan Pizza
We want YOU to save Neapolitan Pizza There are few things that identify Italy more than pizza. If you think this is just a stereotype, think again.  Most people dream about visiting Italy just for the food and if you ask them

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Intervista a Luciano Monosilio
Lemonade 25 interviews Chef Luciano Monosilio We all know the familiar faces of domestic and international celebrity chefs: their faces are on out tv screens, social media outlets and covers of magazines and cookbooks. Their cooking skills are well documented in

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Interview with Massimo Bottura of Osteria Francescana
Interview: Chef Massimo Bottura Not so long ago, our Food & Wine Correspondent, Deanna spoke to you about Massimo Bottura and his new restaurant Franceschetta 58. We sat down with Chef Bottura during Identita' Golose New York 2013 to

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Happy Mother's Day from Lemonade 25
#ThrowbackThursday Mother’s Day Edition Just in time for Mother's Day, I wanted to show you a picture of me at Baby Lemonade's age (3 months). It's funny how people comment that she looks like the Pirate, then they see

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Lives of Notorious Cooks
#Readlist: Lives of Notorious Cooks Did you notice that everyone is obsessed with food? Seriously this is getting really out of control, people! Food is all over the social media and internet and Chefs have become proper celebrities! Yes of

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