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Smart Mommy guide to weaning
The Smart Mommy Guide to Weaning Babies It's no surprise that Baby Lemonade loves to eat. Mom loves food and dad does too. She has always had a healthy appetite from before she was born. I would be forced to get food

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The Smart Mommy Guide to Baby Gear
The Smart Mommy Guide to Baby Gear: What to Get and What to Forget Baby products is a several billion dollar business. It doesn't matter if you are expecting a boy or a girl, or twins or multiples or not expecting at all. If you do something as little

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Flying with Kids
Flying with kids this summer? Make the best of your trip with these tips from frequent travelers Summer holidays are one of the most fun and enjoyable moments of the year. Spending time with family or going on an adventure, domestically or abroad, is the best way to make wonderful memories and

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The Heart Shaped Highlight Trick
Do you want to enhance your best facial features? Look like a model with the heart shape technique I was recently looking at pictures of Angelina Jolie as Maleficent and I couldn't stop thinking about how good her transformation looked. Then I was looking at a fashion magazine and noticed something really interesting

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Sweden, the Greatest Inventions!
Foreo Luna, the Swedish device that will revolutionize your beauty routine Sweden, the country that gave us Ikea, meatballs, H&M, Sockerbit and Alexander Skarsgard also created the latest and greatest in skincare devices. Foreo Luna, a compact and effective sonic device, recently launched in the US.

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Guide to Beauty Sleep
How to get some quality sleep in 2014 Did you make any new year's resolution? They are so complicated. On one hand you want to become a better version of you, and on the other this better version sometimes take too much work

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How to contour face to achieve model worthy cheekbones
How to contour your face for model-worthy cheekbones Celebrities, models, actresses always look like sharp cheekbones and well defined jawlines are in their genepool. But then you look at their old pictures and you realize that they too used to have chubby cheeks

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Bite Beauty Customized Edible Lipstick
When food and beauty meet: Customized Organic Edible Lipstick Some people think that the world of food and cosmetics never meet, but that is definitely not the case. The first cosmetics were found in nature: milk in the bath water as a body lotion,

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