2015 Mascara Smackdown
Mascara Smackdown: what’s new and what works Mascara is the first beauty product I was allowed to use as a teenager, so I have a lot of experience with mascara and developed a discerning taste. Admittedly, I am gifted in the lashes

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Honest Company: What you REALLY need to know about the sunscreen “scandal” I wasn't an early adopter of Jessica Alba's products. When Baby Lemonade was born I resorted to the usual brands for diapers, Pampers and Huggies. As a family tradition I used Mustela's baby products. Baby

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Jumbo Crayons  - Color Correction
All you need to know about summer 2015’s hottest beauty trend: Jumbo Pencils If you've been around makeup long enough, you'll notice that there are some recurring trends not only in looks but also in packaging. This summer feels like an 80s #throwbackthursday, not only for some of

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Mother's Day 2015
5 presents for Urban Moms Sunday I am going to celebrate my second Mother's Day. Being a mom is amazing and has really changed my life for the better. There is nothing like my daughter's laugh when we play peek-a-boo

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Spring Beauty Innovations
5 Innovative Products for your Spring Beauty Routine Transitioning from winter to spring is always tough on a beauty routine. This winter was particularly brutal and it feels like it negatively impacted most people I know. So this change of season will likely

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Fall Skincare Trends 2014
Fall Skincare Trends for 2014 For anybody who was born and raised in warm climates, Fall means rain, grey skies frizzy hair and dehydrated skin.  It's like this season was placed in between the fun of summer and the holidays.

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Boardwalk Empire Style Challenge
Boardwalk Empire Style Challenge With a pilot shot by Martin Scorsese and an engaging story line, we knew from the get go that HBO's Boardwalk Empire would be good. What we could not forecast is that the show would

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The Heart Shaped Highlight Trick
Do you want to enhance your best facial features? Look like a model with the heart shape technique I was recently looking at pictures of Angelina Jolie as Maleficent and I couldn't stop thinking about how good her transformation looked. Then I was looking at a fashion magazine and noticed something really interesting

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