2015 Mascara Smackdown
10.09.15 in Beauty
Mascara Smackdown: what’s new and what works Mascara is the first beauty product I was allowed to use as a teenager, so I have a lot of experience with mascara and developed a discerning taste. Admittedly, I am gifted in the lashes department but that doesn't mean I can't benefit from a boost to make me look awake. Years ago I wrote an article about my favorite mascara, Fairy Drops Scandal Queen, a Japanese product that is no longer sold in the US. So I started the quest for my new favorite mascara and let me tell you, it's been tough sorting out what works and what Read More »
Identita' 2015
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Dates and Pre-sale tickets for Identita’ Golose, the Italian Food Festival in New York and Chicago It's that time of the year, dear readers. The dates for Identita' Golose, the Italian food festival, have been announced! New York: September 30th to October 3rd 2015 Chicago: October 6th to October 7th Identita'

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Honest Company: What you REALLY need to know about the sunscreen “scandal” I wasn't an early adopter of Jessica Alba's products. When Baby Lemonade was born I resorted to the usual brands for diapers, Pampers and Huggies. As a family tradition I used Mustela's baby products. Baby

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Jumbo Crayons  - Color Correction
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All you need to know about summer 2015’s hottest beauty trend: Jumbo Pencils If you've been around makeup long enough, you'll notice that there are some recurring trends not only in looks but also in packaging. This summer feels like an 80s #throwbackthursday, not only for some of

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Lindsay Cameron Biglaw
New in Pop Culture
BigLaw, the Novel that will scare you off of New York Law Firms Ever since my first day in law school, many years ago, I pictured myself working at a big law firm in a major city. When I graduated and joined the ranks of a major US

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Mother's Day 2015
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5 presents for Urban Moms Sunday I am going to celebrate my second Mother's Day. Being a mom is amazing and has really changed my life for the better. There is nothing like my daughter's laugh when we play peek-a-boo

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