Work with Lemonade 25

There are many ways you can work with Lemonade 25, here are a few examples.

Sponsored content.

Do you want us to write about your brand, products or events? You can work with us to create a customized post featured on Lemonade25.  If you prefer to see us in action, the Cooking in Manhattan team can create a sponsored video with fun and educational content for your viewers.  You can see some examples of sponsored videos here [Serena to add ferrarelle and garofalo links]

Newsletter Opportunities.  

The Lemonade25 newsletter goes out to thousands of readers every week. Take advantage of our viewership to promote your brand! From a simple side bar to dedicated mailing, we offer a full range of opportunities.

Advertise with Us.

You can advertise on Lemonade 25 and Cooking in Manhattan! From sidebar ads to banners, the sky is the limit and all the solutions are priced for local and independent businesses.

Speaking Engagements & Cooking Classes.

Do you want Serena to speak about work/life balance, good food, entrepreneurship, blogging and dealing with social media? Do you want Serena to create a cooking class for educational and team building purposes? She is available to present a fun, content-driven, engaging talk or a customized cooking class and demonstration to your association, university, school, or company.


Do you want Lemonade 25 or Cooking in Manhattan content to appear in your app or publication? Some content from this site and the webisodes is available for syndication.

To learn more about these solutions, receive a media kit or inquire about a package, please contact us using the form below