The Lemonade 25 Manifesto

What would you do if you had an extra hour every day?  Plan a trip, try a new workout, tackle a new recipe, track the latest fashion or beauty trends or just make reservations at that hot restaurant?

Life is busy and sometimes may leave us feeling like we are squeezing too many lemons and making too little lemonade!  Lemonade 25 is a curated lifestyle blog to help you simplify life, create meaningful experiences and find new ways to truly have it all. How? By marrying Italian Indulgence (“la dolce vita”) with American Ingenuity (“the art of making lemonade”), Lemonade 25 provides tips and tricks to carve out more time in your daily schedule and feel like you can have it all: easy healthy and delicious recipes, travel and lifestyle tips, advice from experts and a place where you can find uplifting, fun and useful content.  We’ll tell you what works, what doesn’t and why.  We’ll teach you all the tricks we have up our sleeve to make life a little less crazy and more fulfilling.

Feel free to leave a comment and contact the authors, as we would love to hear from you.  Because everyone needs to squeeze plenty of lemons every day, and if we squeeze together life is more fun!

Serena Headshots

Meet Serena, Lemonade 25 Squeezer-In-Chief

Born and raised in Southern Italy, the land of mozzarella di bufala and pizza, Serena learned all about Italian indulgence from an early age.  She was exposed to the “made in Italy” culture, from food to fashion and learned about work ethic and ingenuity from her hard working parents. After graduating law school in Italy, she landed a job in corporate America.  In an effort not to be swallowed by routine, she turned to her roots, the food and lifestyle of Italy, and started weaving her traditions into her day-to-day life.  When in 2004 she moved to New York, Serena was ready to take a big bite of the Big Apple: many home cooked meals and corporate deals later she met her match, Kurt (aka the Pirate) a banker with a passion for sailing and good food. Together they created “Cooking in Manhattan”, a series of webisodes to teach viewers how to cook in a small urban kitchen.  Soon, Serena was ready for a new adventure: in 2010 she was a finalist on “The Next Food Network Star” and her quest to become the first attorney/celebrity chef was followed by millions of viewers.  Her good humor, common sense and team work made her a fan favorite and her cooking skills allowed her to make it almost to the end of the season.  Back in New York, she divides her time between her career as an attorney and her passion for food and good life.