Gluten Free Chickpea Pancake (aka Socca or Farinata)

Hi people,

I am back! The past year has been a wild ride. Both the Pirate and I changed jobs. That along with parenthood has taken a toll on the schedule of Cooking in Manhattan.  If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that I never stopped cooking and posting my foodie adventures. But shooting a video, editing and posting have been on the back burner for a little bit.  Last Sunday we shot 2 new videos and they are in the pipeline for the upcoming weeks. You will find that the production quality of the videos has improved. We have invested in new lighting and audio equipment and learning how to best use it has been quite a feat. My cooking range has expanded a bit to cover the recipes my 3-year old likes the most. Who knows, she might make an appearance in the videos too!

I promise you there is a lot more to come but please bear with me while I figure out a new posting schedule and manage to roll out the  new content.

And now lets talk about today’s recipe. I decided to showcase a traditional street food from Northern Italy. Socca or Farinata (depending on whether you are in Liguria or Tuscany) is a very simple recipe with few ingredients and a technique that is somewhat similar to that of a Dutch Baby. What is interesting is the versatility of the recipe that lends itself to be eaten as is or become the base for other ingredients.  If you are entertaining a gluten free guest you will find this recipe the most straightforward to create a simple yet delicious flatbread.

Chickpea flour is a star ingredient: aside from this application, you will find it used in Sicilian Panelle fritters and even in Indian Pudla.  It’s a great shelf stable protein that is worth having around the house.