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Baby Food Made Easy

I should have posted this video a long time ago because it is about weaning Baby Lemonade and she currently is the proud owner of 20 (TWENTY) baby teeth. But, alas, time got the best of me and I managed to completely forget about this footage. That is until I started planning my fall episodes and connected to the tech wiz at Thoughtful Media who provided me with the new overlays that you see in this episode. So now that we have increased the production value of Cooking in Manhattan let’s talk about baby food, shall we?

During a recent meal with some Japanese acquaintances, the Pirate confessed that our daughter has never eaten processed food and that I have prepared most of the food that she eats. It’s true, Baby Lemonade has never eaten prepackaged food for the past 21 months. I have cooked everything for her and what doesn’t come from my kitchen comes from the catering company that supplies food to her daycare, and it consists of really tasty, organic and seasonal meals. I never acknowledged the work it took to make meals for an infant. I’ve done that with no complaint if that means giving my daughter healthy eating habits and a good palate. So, now, I am going to publicly pat myself on the back and tell myself that I have done a really good job. Whether she will keep her healthy eating habits is still to be seen, but for now she really enjoys good healthy food. I am proud of her and of myself. Hopefully I will be able to give her a good example in the future and she will keep eating her greens!