Jumbo Crayons  - Color Correction

All you need to know about summer 2015’s hottest beauty trend: Jumbo Pencils

If you’ve been around makeup long enough, you’ll notice that there are some recurring trends not only in looks but also in packaging. This summer feels like an 80s #throwbackthursday, not only for some of the looks (hello contouring, metallic eye shadow and colorful toes), but for the packaging. The cosmetic industry has finally realized that portability is key in the summer so the market was flooded with a slew of jumbo pencils. Clinique started the trend with their chubby sticks, but now virtually every brand has incorporated this stile of packaging in their line. I am delighted because I carry several “crayons” in my bag and it beats the bulky compacts + brush combo any day. Applying jumbo pencils also reminds me of a more tactile experience with makeup that is less technical and precise but incredibly more fun. It’s like going back to the time I played with my mom’s make up… or how my daughter will play with mine!

What’s new about Jumbo Pencils, then? While initially relegated to eye shadow and lipsticks the new textures lend themselves to enhance the complexion instead. Let’s say it straight, there is nothing worse than applying a heavy coat of foundation when it’s 80 degrees out there. So the new crayons offer an easy solution: precision application of color correcting pigments only where you need it and the practicality of reapplying on the go. If you are looking to lighten up your make up routine these just might as well do the trick. Obviously several brands offer complexion enhancing crayons, but not all jumbo pencils are created equal. So I put some of them to the test to find out what are the best on the market.

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Japonesque Color Correcting Crayon: If you know Japonesque from their unbeatable brushes, you only know one side of the story. Few years ago, they launched a makeup line called Japonesque Color that is not only really good but also reasonably priced. The Color Correcting Crayon are based on color theory and offer a highly customizable approach to coverage. The green shade neutralizes redness, the purple brightens hyperpigmentation and the yellow deflects darkness. The texture is sheer and very blendable but as always a little goes a long way. I brought the crayons on vacation with me to Italy and I compared them to those offered by a brand that is no longer available in the US, Max Factor. The Max Factor version follows the same concept of color theory and more shades but the effect is strikingly different. The Japonesque Color Correcting Crayons adapted better to my changing complexing and looked as good while I was pasty white as they did when I got a tan: they blended seamlessly into my sunblock and left no splotches. While piling up concealer on your skin can often leave you dehydrated, the Japonesque crayons don’t dried my skin out but they stayed put for most of the day.

Tom Ford Correcting Pen: Right after my maternity leave I took a couple of hours to catch up with my friend Aaina. As usual we updated each other while window shopping at Bergdorf. I had unusually dark circles due to the new baby and resuming work super early, so when I makeup artist at Tom ford tactfully mentioned that there was a new product, I gave it a try. This dual ended pencil color corrects dark circles and blemishes so easily that it quickly became my best friend. The crayon takes guesswork out of color correction. You just look in the mirror and apply when you need it. Since comparing makeup is one of my favorite things I did some additional due diligence to see if the hefty price was justified. I put Pixi Undercover Crayon to the test: not only the color of the cheaper crayon is different from all the 3 Tom Ford shades, the texture is not as creamy and blendable. The Tom Ford crayon is a real multitasker because of the double ended and a little goes a long way, so I can wholeheartedly recommend it.

Color correction is my new technique to improve my complexion without obliterating my facial traits with tons of foundation and concealer. It is absolutely perfect in the NYC sweltering heat and jumbo pencils make it easy and portable. Have you tried color correcting jumbo pencils? What is your favorite product?