Mother's Day 2015

5 presents for Urban Moms

Sunday I am going to celebrate my second Mother’s Day. Being a mom is amazing and has really changed my life for the better. There is nothing like my daughter’s laugh when we play peek-a-boo or carrying her to her crib when she is falling asleep. But I would be lying if I told you that it is a walk in the park. Allowing your hormones to take control of your body during a pregnancy is not easy. Feeling overwhelmed and not up top the task is totally normal but it is not all fun and games. When people told me that my life would change I used to be scared. I thought “I like my life, I don’t want it to change”. I somewhat resented my friend with children who would disappear for months at a time because they were busy. I would understand that they had many things in their mind but I would not accept that their priorities have shifted. Now I get it. But I also feel that motherhood is not martyrdom. I come from a culture in which people think that if you are the martyr everybody must love you. I never liked that, and I was never like that either. I think that if you are a good person with a solid backbone some people will love you and others don’t know you well enough to like you yet. According my style of parenting is to be a mom who loves and cherishes her daughter but preserves her backbone/interests/preferences. I am not going to disappear in the role of mother: it is just another hat I am wearing. And that is why mother’s day is worth celebrating: for the many hats we wear in life’s endless marathon.

This is my second year celebrating and I thought I would give you a bit of inspiration for the perfect present. Please note that some of the presents of this list are items I already own and others are aspirational (i.e. a hint for the hubby).

Happy Mother’s Day!