Spring Beauty Innovations

5 Innovative Products for your Spring Beauty Routine

Transitioning from winter to spring is always tough on a beauty routine. This winter was particularly brutal and it feels like it negatively impacted most people I know. So this change of season will likely be much more taxing and complex than usual.

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 1) Cover FX Custom Cover Drops

What if I told you that any beauty product can be transformed into foundation? Cover FX Custom Cover Drops does just that. Unlike the many liquid foundations that came out after Giorgio Armani Maestro cleared the path for thin consistencies and pipettes, Cover FX should not be used on its own, but in conjunction with other beauty products such as moisturizer, primer or SPF. you can place one pea sized amount of that with 2, 3 or 4 drops of Cover FX Custom Cover drops and mix. Voila’ you have your tinted SPF/primer/serum/oil ready for application. I am a big fan of skipping a step in the morning and Cover FX Custom Cover Drops really helps out. You know what’s really helpful too? the fact that Cover FX offers 24 different shades! That is really cool because most brands don’t offer deeper shades and if they do, they are ashy. I’ll be honest, I had never considered buying products from Cover FX because I thought it catered mostly to people looking for a full coverage. The Custom Cover Drops made me change my mind. I have purchased my (admittedly tiny) bottle 2 weeks ago and so far, this is the only foundation I have used. Dear Cover FX, I am sorry I was biased, now you have another fan.

2) Cushion Compacts

Korea is the cradle of so many beauty trends that spread across the West in recent years. BBs and CCs are now household terms and we all have one or two tubes of the stuff somewhere in out beauty cabinet. I haven’t been a huge fan of BBs and CCs because they are not my cup of tea: too heavy for my skin and make me look pasty most of the times. But this trend I am happy to see and endorse: the latest and greatest innovation is not in the formulation of the BBs and CCs but in the delivery, through a cushion. Picture your average foundation compact, only when you open it, it contains a sponge that is soaked in a color correcting fluid that you can apply with a dedicated applicator. To test this new trend I headed to Target… I know it sounds unbelievable but Target carries a Korean brand called Laneige that makes a cushion compact.  The product is really good because it is portable and the texture of the CC cream really thin and skin-like. It is great for touch ups and on the go and I am looking forward to the Lancome version that was created by Lisa Eldridge because I hear it is really awesome. Other brands are already jumping on the cushion delivery bandwagon: Tom Ford launched a marvelous yet pricey cushion concealer last year, Stila will soon launch a cushion blush that promises the flushed yet natural texture Korean women seem to prefer. One thing is for sure, the cushion is here to stay!

3) New Ways to Self Tan with VITA LIBERATA

As you all know I stay away from the sun as much as possible. While I really appreciate some vitamin D, the bad effects of the sun (i.e. aging, sunspots and sunburn, along with other more serious conditions) are not welcome. But I do love a good face tan, so when the spring comes, I check out the latest and greatest in sunless tanning.  In the past 3 years I have been a devoted fan of a brand called Vita Liberata, available at Sephora. This year, they really surprised me with their innovative products. If you think that applying self tanner is a messy, smelly business, think again. Vita Liberata recently launched 2 ground breaking products that will make you enjoy not only the glow but also the beauty benefits. The first is a Self Tanning Night Moisture Mask: you apply it at night after your cleansing routine and in the morning you wake up with plump, hydrated skin and a subtle glow. Unlike regular self tanners and gradual self tanners, the main task here is moisturizing and the self tanning is really subtle. If your expectation is to have your skin color deepen, you will be disappointed. But if your plan is to have deeply moisturized skin with a hint of summer glow, you’ll be very pleased. That takes me to the second product recently launched by Vita Liberata, the Self Tanning Bronzing Minerals.  This is one of those products that is innovative in its simplicity. What if you could self tan while wearing makeup? The Bronzing Minerals work very much like a powder bronzer, but they also result in a long lasting and believable tan. They come with a very soft kabuki brush that allows for specific placement of the powder. If you are looking for the ultimate contouring that doesn’t wash off with makeup remover, Self Tanning Bronzing Minerals are the best way to rediscover your cheekbones.

4) YSL Blur Skin Perfector

YSL is famous for Touche Eclat and many other great products but this tops all of them off: a balm that mattifies the skin like a powder. There is only one problem, this product is currently NOT available in the USA. I learned about it from one of my favorite beauty bloggers Sali Hughes who reviewed it on her youtube channel.  When I went to the closest YSL beauty counter (at Bergdorf, where else?) I learned that the powers that be at L’oreal that currently owns YSL Beauty had decided to a different course of action in the USA: they released first the bronzing version of the product. So I tried Le Teint Saharienne Blur Powder, instead. The difference between the product is that the regular blur, encased in a pink and gold compact id in fact, pink, while the Saharienne version is in different shades. I could have selected color No 1 (apricot) and have a result similar to the blur perfector that is currently only offered in Europe, but I selected No 3 (fawn) that is more true to the color of my skin when I have a tan.  The concept of this product is not new, because Mally and Young Blood, along with Covergirl make similar products. There is a main difference: the other products are very siliconey and make me break out like crazy. So far Le Tein Saharienne has not had any side effect, which leads me to believe that the pricetag is also associated with better quality. My skin is breakout free and mat with a slight tan due to the blur powder effect. I am looking forward to the Pirate’s upcoming trip to Europe so I can ask him to get me the pink blur perfector.

5) Goddess Skin Clay Mask

Charlotte Tilbury is a personal hero of mine. After creating many products for other makeup brands such as Tom Ford Beauty, the redhead powerhouse came out with her beauty line.  In these situations, I find myself a bit skeptical but in all honesty Charlotte’s products blew me away from the beginning. I first tried a sample of the Miracle Cream and Wonder Light (the face primer) and I immediately bought them both. The other products are equally brilliant but what I really love is that most are multitaskers with actual cosmetic benefits. The latest and greatest is the Goddess Skin Clay Mask. I really love my Friday facial nights with the Pirate. After dinner I steam my face and put a mask on…. sometimes I put a mask on his face too (hilarity ensues).  I am no stranger to clay masks. My favorites so far where GlamGlow and Glossier Mega Greens, but they always had a drying effect on my skin and I would have to follow with a moisturizing mask immediately after. Goddess Skin is different in that the clay mask is effective yet VERY gentle and my skin is left without the need for a moisturizing mask or a heavy moisturizer.  I have only used a generous sample so far but the next step is to buy the tube… just don’t tell the Pirate it’s 70 bucks!

Finally since we talked about innovative trends that work let me talk about one that DOES NOT work: Oil lip glosses. I purchased a Clarins product because everybody was talking about how great it was… I didn’t find it particularly good and the risk of it opening in my bag and making a mess was way to high so I happily returned it.

What’s your favorite beauty product for the summer?

  • Maria Anna Montuori

    I used something similiar to the Cover FX drops some years ago, it was a product by Helena Rubinstein. I was not satisfied with the end result, though, I don’t remember exactly why, though. Now I sometimes mix a pinch of mineral foundation powder to my moisturizer on the back of my hand with a brush and apply it on my face, it gives my skin a very natural finish 🙂 As for the YSL powder, I was reading about it this morning and I couldn’t helpbut think that I really need something like this!