Italian Pastry Cream

How to make Italian Pastry Cream

Few recipes are as fool proof as Italian Pastry Cream. The yolk-based custard is decadent and smooth but oh so fast and easy to make! Italian kids learn how to make it early on if their moms like baking. Mine is a GREAT baker and my classmates from school in Salerno still recall the amazing cakes she would bake for my birthday parties.

Being an only child can be lonely and that is why my mom always wanted to have the house filled with people. Every occasion was a good one to celebrate. Aside from the religious holidays we would have a party for my birthday and name’s day every year. Planning what to prepare and who to invite was just half of the fun, the actual cooking and decorating was probably the best part for me. We never served “kid’s food”, because my mom believes that children should eat what adults eat. My classmates and friends were always happy to receive the invitation for a party at Casa Palumbo.  When i moved to NY i brought the entertaining traditions with me.

Now, if my mom can’t come to NY for the party, she still has a role in advising what I should cook. Before I plan a party, dinner or other entertainment, there is an email with the potential menu and a call. Mom and I on both sides of the Atlantic suggest recipes and make changes to the original plan. Usually we have very strong opinions about what to cook and how…. and they are not always aligned, but that is a part of the process and the conversation continues until the day after the event, when she finally asks me how it went and if people liked the food.

But enough with party planning dynamics in the Palumbo household. Try this custard and let me know if you like it below… actually let me know what you cook with your mom when she comes over.