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Best Youtube Fitness Gurus

When do you realize you’ve become a couch potato? Is it when everybody is making (and hopefully keeping) new years resolutions and you really couldn’t care less? or when you avoid wearing pants because they don’t feel as good as they did, say, a months ago? While I write this it’s pretty clear what I have become… a couch potato! I make way to many excuses and my fitness is only and mostly due to the fact that I eat healthy and cook my food. Turth to be told, I have very little time for the gym these days, between Baby Lemonade, Work and the website. Have you noticed that I haven’t posted a video in eons? it’s not for lack of material, it is for lack of time as video editing is the single most time consuming activity ever!

But enough with my blog blues… the fitness blues are much more concerning.  2015 started pretty rough with a stomach bug, but it also revealed a big gap in my fitness motivation.  I was planning to go to the gym every day for 2 weeks and I only showed up 5 times. Granted I was worshiping the porcelain god for the whole last week, but I also found out that I need a different way to motivate myself.

For the longest time, the solution to my fitness blues came by way of Tracy Anderson, she of the sculpted arms and rock hard yet feminine butt.  Where would I be without the Mat Workout and the Cardio Dance workout? (Let’s answer this rhetorical question together: “NOWHERE”!)  The Pregnancy Project got me through 9 months and a relocation. I wasn’t a believer before, I thought a gym class or exercise regimen somehow entailed a personal relationship with the teacher, but in my mind Tracy is my best friend who motivates and cheers for me when I get through the 30 rep of some very painful leg lift. In my mind Tracy Anderson is my trainer and Gwyneth Paltrow is my gym buddy (call the shrink because I really lost it this time).

But as a creature that gets bored quickly I need to constantly diversify my workouts. I believe my lack of motivation was the lack of diversification. But finding a workout guru is not easy… you only need to look at a news segment, some are totally uninspired and while I am not ready to cheat on Tracy Anderson, I’d love to have a similar connection with a fitness guru on my computer or TV screen.  I set out to find fitness videos on youtube that could motivate me to get off my butt and work out even just for 15 minutes at night.

Cassey Ho of Blogilates is a powerhouse: she has a website with a very active community of followers, a sports clothing line, even guilt free recipes and meal plans.  I love her videos because she doesn’t take herself too seriously and she really motivates her viewers. Her routines are fun to watch and perform and you really end up breaking a sweat. The Blogilates channel is structured so that you can pick the body part that you want to work out. In spite of the name, the channel and website are not only about pilates, as Cassey incorporates different styles of workouts in her routines. Her bubbly personality draws you in but her knowledge and the results you get are what makes you subscribe to her channel. Who doesn’t have 5 minutes to wilt their waistline? Here is one of my favorite playlist.


Tara Stiles is the yogi I would love to be. She has a long lean and strong body and her flexibility is unbelievable. I first discovered her videos on LiveStrong Woman and then found out she has her own channel. Yoga is an ongoing challenge for me. I love how it makes me feel, but finding the time and the right teacher is often problematic.  As more online resources are available, I am happy to report that Tara Stiles is by far one of the best online yogis. The videos are quick and easy to follow and she walks you through each asana with ease and clarity. In the past I have often wished I could practice more yoga and maybe make it a daily routine. I feel like following Tara’s videos might become one of my new year’s resolutions.


What’s your favorite Youtube Fitness Guru? Do tell as we are always on the lookout for new workouts!