Art Galleries in Milan

CityProfile Milan Part Three: the Best Art Galleries

The CityProfile Milan series wouldn’t be complete without a chapter about ART. Milan may not have been the cradle of art, as Rome and Florence once were, but it is the business capital of Italy. And where money goes, art, usually follows.  There is no better way to experience a city like a local, than to mingle with locals. And while visiting the Duomo and Milan’s many museums is definitely worthwhile, it’s the art galleries you need to visit to rub elbows and occasionally break bread with locals. So I turned to a dear friend and former classmate, who has impressive credentials (Centre Pompidou anybody?) and impeccable taste to be the perfect art gallery guide, Maria Cristina Ferraioli.

L25: Dear MCF, it’s great to finally have you talking about art on Lemonade 25. Are you ready to be our Virgil in the quest for real art scene in Milan?

MCF: I was born ready! There are two main art gallery neighborhoods in Milan. The first is Via Ventura, in Lambrate and the second in Porta Venezia/Corso Buenos Aires.

L25: What type of galleries do you find the each area?

MCF: Well, in Porta Venezia you’ll find the well established galleries, in Via Ventura there are the up and coming galleries. But in both location you’ll find that the galleries select their artists very carefully and the exhibits are very sophisticated.

L25: Where should we start our gallery tour in Via Ventura?

MCF: There is no question that you should start with Massimo De Carlo and Fluxia, which incidentally are across the street from one another. Then I would visit Francesca Minini and Ida Pisani’s Prometeo Gallery.

L25: What about the Porta Venezia area? What Galleries would you recommend?

MCF: There are many historic galleries in Porta Venezia / Corso Buenos Aires, I would start from Galleria Raffaella Cortese or Fondazione Marconi. Then I would also visit Galleria Zero and Studio Guenzani.

L25: If our readers have only a few hours what would you recommend them to visit to get a flavor of the art scene in Milan?

MCF: Hands-down the best place is Hangar Bicocca, located in a redeveloped industrial complex for the production, exhibit and promotion of contemporary art. This space also has an area for kids so if you are traveling with your little ones that would be the first place to teach them about contemporary art.