Fall Skincare Trends 2014

Fall Skincare Trends for 2014

For anybody who was born and raised in warm climates, Fall means rain, grey skies frizzy hair and dehydrated skin.  It’s like this season was placed in between the fun of summer and the holidays. Granted watching leaves change color can be very romantic, but knowing that those same leaves are really aging and will soon fertilize the roots of said tree? Not so fun. So for many, Fall can be a real lemon!  Especially when your skin is driving you crazy trying to adapt to the cooler temperatures and indoor heating and the beauty market offers so many options that you can’t navigate it. In the spirit of this website, we selected the latest and greatest skincare trends and this checklist is our best recipe for Fall Beauty Lemonade.

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1) Exfoliating Powders

Exfoliants usually come in gel, cream, masks or lotions, sometimes even in serum form, if you look at something more powerful. But the new way to preserve the summer glow without removing all the moisture is exfoliating powder that can be customized adding more of less water to obtain a thinner product. This trend is fairly new but it’s definitely here to stay. Why it is genius? Well for starters because it is shelf stable and won’t expire in 6 months like other exfoliators. Secondly because it is travel friendly and won’t leak in your suitcase. Aside from these very practical reasons, this trend started with very upscale brands, like Tatcha and Dyptique but it is slowly percolating into the more scientific brands like Dermalogica and for the UK/Canadian dwellers, Indeed Labs.

2) Coming up Roses

When By Terry relaunched her Baume de Rose line, no one thought that the humble yet beautiful flower would aim so high. Gone are the days of our Grandmothers’ rose water, today, it’s all about Rose Stem Cells. Sisley immediately followed suit with their Black Rose line. Now it looks like if you are a skincare brand and you don’t have Rose anywhere in your products you are a bloody loser. While the flower in itself is pretty harmless, this is, like many others, just a trend. Look beyond the marketing pitch and evaluate the ingredients, if they suit your skin, you can buy into the trend, alright… Glossier, the skincare line created by Emily Weiss of Into The Gloss, launched a soothing mist that doesn’t only smells like roses, it actually really works. My skin is turning particularly sensitive with the change of season because the pregnancy glow is long gone and I haven’t been very diligent with my summer skincare. So I grabbed the 4 Glossier products on sale at their pop-up store in Soho.  After a pretty aggressive facial my skin was very sensitive and raw, but a spritz of the rose scented Soothing Face Mist calmed down the “situation” pretty much on contact. In this case, the rose smell is not just a gimmick, it is backed up by a really great product!

3) Cleansing Balms

It started with Eve Lom, the beautician wife of Herbert Lom, also known as the archenemies of Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther. She was the first to launch a cleansing balm, but other brands took notice. First they gave us cleansing oils and but temperatures dropping taking the day off with a cleansing balm and a warm wash cloth can be a bona fide mini facial.  While many shy away from Eve Lom’s cleansing balm because of the price and the fact that it contains  mineral oil, many other brands offer products that are equally pleasant and effective. Aurelia Organics, Charlotte Tilbury, Clinique and Ren are just a few brands jumping on the cleansing balm bandwagon. My favorite? The Body Shop’s camomille cleansing balm, hands down! It is very effective without leaving greasy residue on the skin, smells great and it is easy on the wallet.

4) The “I woke up like that” face

Italian women love their makeup but, like French women, they usually apply it with a very conservative hand. The “no-makeup” makeup was the hottest trend for the summer and clearly it survived the arrival of september. But gone are the days of the Kardashian-Style heavy foundations and contouring. Things are much more subtle in the Fall, starting with foundations that are mostly exclusively liquid, like Giorgio Armani Maestro, YSL Fusion Ink, and Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint.  The same more subtle approach applies to contouring and highlighting (and more on that in an upcoming post). Many brands launched palettes that allow to easily chisel the cheekbones and the jawline. For the fall, you can reroute your contouring efforts: it’s all about creating a shadow that looks real.  British makeup artist extraordinaire, Charlotte Tilbury launched a beauty line that is now available in the US (online, on Net-a-porter.com and at Bergdorf Goodman) and included FilmStar Bronze & Glow a dual product that is just what you need to create a credible yet refined “no-makeup” makeup. Now we know what Beyonce and JLo use for those instagram pictures.

5) Masked Heroes

As a Marvel fan you’d imagine I am talking about the Avengers, right? Well, with all due respect for Tony Stark & Friends, this time of the year is perfect for at home facials.It may have been an effect of the financial crisis but it looks like more and more women (and men, if you count the Pirate who often suffers my skincare ministrations).  Thankfully there are countless offerings out there for every skin type and at every price point. Whether you chose masks veteran Boscia or new comer GlamGlow, don’t forget to add an extra dose of moisturize (more on that later).

6) The Gadget

In the past 8 years, the only available skincare cleaning gadget has been Clarisonic and the many interpretations (i.e. knockoffs) offered by other brands. Well, things have changed and the monopoly of the facial brush market is finally over. Earlier this year, Foreo, a skincare company based in Sweden, launched Luna, a facial device that can be used for cleansing and massage. You can read more about it here. Now Foreo launched a more compact version of Luna, called Mini.  If you are still debating whether you should buy one of these pore cleansing, buildup removing, skin tightening marvels, you can now experience them at Sephora and Bergdorf Goodman.

7) Facial Oils

Remember that we were talking about moisturizers? Facial Oils may have been a trend when they were first launched few years ago (that you Rodin Olio Lusso) but they have become a pivotal skincare product. Widely embraced by people with dry and combination skin, they are still feared by women with oily skin. They should not fear, because applying a facial oil actually curbs oil production. But for those who are still scared of looking like an oil slick, Fall is the best way to introduce a facial oil into the routine. The latest products such as By Terry Huile de Rose, Boscia Tsubaki Oil, Indie Lee Squalane Oil and the long time favorite Midnight Recovery Oil by Kiehls, are much lighter and easily absorbed. The Facial Oil Newbies may want to start incorporating this step at night first… and wake up with plump, glowing skin!

So here it is people. Which of these 7 skincare trends are you going to incorporate in your Fall routine. Leave comment below and let me know.