Aarti Paarti COVER

Aarti Paarti is the No.1 Indian Cookbook on Amazon!

Hey guys, Serena here.  What did I tell you? no really, WHAT did I tell you? Not only Aarti’s book was released today, but it is also the No. 1 Indian Cookbook on Amazon! A little backstory: when we first posted about the Aarti takeover, we learned from Aarti’s website that the publisher Hachette has a dispute with Amazon regarding presale of their books. So Aarti’s book was not available for presale on Amazon. In less than a day the book went BEST Seller on Amazon… so, with all due respect, take that Amazon!

You can buy Aarti’s book online or wherever books are sold… in the meantime the Aarti Take over continues!