The Smart Mommy Guide to Baby Gear

The Smart Mommy Guide to Baby Gear: What to Get and What to Forget

Baby products is a several billion dollar business. It doesn’t matter if you are expecting a boy or a girl, or twins or multiples or not expecting at all. If you do something as little as browsing a baby website, you’ll be bombarded with all sorts of products and thanks to Google Ads those products will follow you on the gmail sidebar, on Facebook, on your web browser and so on. How do you know what’s helpful and what’s not? There are many websites featuring lists for all your baby needs but when presented with such a vast selection it’s easy to get lost and possibly pick the wrong stuff. So I decided to give you the run down of what worked for me. Granted I am the mom of a bounching, fun and goodnatured baby girl who seems very low maintenance so far. But as you can expect I have done a great deal of research. So this is not your average shopping guide with a long checklist of things you may want to stock up on before the baby comes. This is specifically what worked for me and Baby Lemonade, a guide to what I found useful and she loved and what was completely unsuccessful.  I hope you can learn from my mistakes!



I don’t know who are the actual 4 moms behind this brand. I don’t even know if there are actually 4 moms but most of the products I have seen from this brand are pure genius. We received a Mamaroo as a baby registry present and Baby Lemonade has been in love with it from day one. And what’s not to love? A swinging hammock that also sings you lullabies (with an ipod of course), the Mamaroo is comfortable, safe and gives you those 10 minutes every new mom deserves when she is in desperate need for a shower. It’s been 7 months and Baby Lemonade still loves the Mamaroo and so do I.


Sleeping in the same bed with the baby is not recommended for many health reasons. In my case I find it difficult to fall asleep with the baby in my bed because the worst case scenarios keep playing in my head. Yes the baby could probably fall asleep with a snoring mom (Baby Lemonade is a champion when it comes to that) butshe would have limited space to move around. She also poses a serious threat to my already twisted sinus, as she kickboxes all night long! So the only way to get peace of mind is a baby monitor. The Pirate did a bunch of research on baby monitors and I believe he found the best one. Lorex Baby WiFi Monitor features remote access through a convenient app, easy set up, infrared camera, and a joystick to point the camera all around the room. The talking and picture taking features are cool too. This monitor crosses over into nannycam territory like a dream.

Best Baby Monitor


The ultimate mom-to-be status symbol is also the most complicated purchase. Newsflash, if you live in NY or any other urban area but occasionally drive a car or travel you might need not one but 2 strollers. Why? It’s simple, many luxury strollers are too heavy to collapse for traveling, hopping on the subway/bus/public transportation of choice while holding the baby with another hand. Worst than that, if you are planning to travel with the baby you’ll need a car seat and a stroller to accommodate it. Your best bet is to get an umbrella stroller that is compatible with the car seat. Even better get yourself a travel system, because then all the ducks will always be in the row. Trust me I did exactly the opposite and I regret it but the money was already spent and it’s too late to fix it. Baby Lemonade’s chariot is one of the poshest strollers around, a Stokke Explory, courtesy of my mom’s generosity. It is easy to handle on all terrains, comfortable for the baby and tall so that baby Lemonade can look at daddy driving her around. Collapsible and manageble on public transportation it is not. Yes, I made a mistake and had to buy a cheap car seat stroller that I can put in the trunk when the baby is in her infant car seat. Would I do things differently? Yes, absolutely, but when I stroll down Riverside Park with Baby Lemonade, I do feel like the stylish mom around!


In my mind the picture of a great looking nursery features a bassinet. But the reality check came while I was talking to a friend who has to wonderful kids. Reality Check Mama (you know who you are) explained to me that a bassinet is fine and dandy but it lasts for a very short time and the newborn will soon have to move to a proper crib. So her solution was simple and effective. Instead of getting a bassinet for the nursery, which you’ll be forced to quickly update anyway, get a bassinet for the stroller, that you can use indoors and outdoors? Do you want to nap while the baby naps? Load the baby in the stroller, put said stroller next to your bed and there you have it.  This reality check was all I needed, no bassinet for Baby Lemonade, but a really nice convertible crib that she will enjoy for at least a couple of years!


…. are the best thing since sliced bread! I never thought I would need one and some Italian friends told me it was a HUGE waste of money. Well guess what? It’s great to have a comfortable place to sit and rock the baby when your back/C-section incision/other body parts hurt. Baby Lemonade loves to be fed on the rocking chair… especially the burp part! Her burps are so much more satisfying when I feed her while sitting on the rocking chair. The best part is that some companies make rocking chairs that eventually transform into regular armchairs so when you no longer need it you’ll still have a great piece of furniture. What did I skip? The matching ottoman because the chair was comfy enough to be use without it.


Joovy Baba Sling

A couple of years ago, a family member had a baby and to celebrate I gave him the best infant carrier money can buy, along with all the bells and whistles (yes I am a very generous cousin). When the time came to get an infant carrier for Baby Lemonade, I added a similar product to my list and some friends kindly bought it for us.  I love the infant carrier and it’s the best thing you can possibly use when you are running errands and using public transportation with an infant. Some people also use it in the house to “wear the baby” but I have found that it doesn’t work for me. So I got a the Joovy  Baba Sling, i.e. an infant carrier that sits on one shoulder and the opposite hip. It’s cheaper than an infant carrier and the design is not as technically complicated but the sling is a life saver when you have a fussy baby and you still need to get stuff done in the house. I love using the sling to transport Baby Lemonade to Day Care every morning. If you know that you’ll always use the stroller to go out and you just need an easy way to carry the baby around in the house or across the street, you may want to consider using a sling instead!

Disclaimer: the products that are listed in this guide may have been purchased by family member or friends but they are my own. They were not gifted by manufacturers. The opinions contained herein are completely unbiased.