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Fall Fashion Starts Here: an overview of Fall 2014 Trends

Happy summer everyone, especially those suffering with the AWFUL winter we had in NYC!
Just to fill you in, if any of you lovely Lemonade 25 followers were wondering where the Fashionista has been… I’ve been in school!  Fashion school to be exact. I finally made the greatest decision of my life and went for another degree and started to pursue a fashion marketing degree here in New York. I packed in as many classes as I could for a semester and consumed myself in getting the work done and giving it my best. Now, summer is finally here all my work is done, until next semester of course.
So, that being said, I owed you guys a post about what to look forward for fall and, even if the weather is still very nice, we need to plan our wardrobe ahead.  Here are some fall looks seen on various fashion sites, the WWD and Harper’s Bazaar Watch List and reported from the runways.


fall colors
Colors  play a big role in fashion and changing seasons. Fall is where designers tend to move into darker shades. The pre-fall/fall colors seen throughout many shows were deep REDS, specifically wine (a color I absolutely LOVE), GREENS, especially, emerald, hunter, forest and teal and of course (no relationship with the books) all shades of GRAY. These colors are of course the “trend”, if you don’t want to make a big investment in a color that otherwise wouldn’t be your cup of tea, or completely change your wardrobe, you can always choose the non committal approach: accessories. Shoes, bags, belts, and fashion jewelry are simple ways to get these great colors into any look without breaking the bank. Other fall staples like neutral tones are definitely still worthy of wearing, so don’t fret, you’ll still look fashionable in beige!


We are not talking about hair styles here. The Fringe made a transition from spring to fall for both clothing or accessories. Color and textile changes helped this trend make the move. Leather and suede are absolutely where this look takes the crown. Bomber jackets, solid colored and patterned are a really fun look. Paired with jeans or even thrown over a maxi dress make this street-style great for a stroll in SoHo, or brunch with your girls. And yes, in case you are wondering, a maxi in fall is 100% acceptable: It doesn’t have to be your summer go-to, just throw a cute denim jacket or bomber over it and fabulous chunky heeled booties and you will be a head-turning street style queen!


The Blanket Jacket
The “Blanket” Jacket is having a major moment for Fall 2014. And who doesn’t need a big, thick, cozy coat to stay warm when the temperature drops? If you love the look, but are fearful of too much bulk, simply belt it. This will create (or show) a waistline, as seen here from the Chanel runway. If you are in the mood for some Chanel they have a really fun and fashionable western theme that may be one of the most inspiring of the season (especially if you are looking for a fringe or gaucho look).


I really love neck ties/bows trends in all playful shapes and sizes. This trend easily transitions from work-wear to a night out with the girls. It’s like having your necklace already perfectly matched for you! Sheers seem to be the popular (not only for tops, but with layered skirts as well) choice, but of course play with different materials, especially if you will use for work-wear and aren’t a fan of layering to cover up what people at work should not be seeing.  And while I’m talking about work-wear, why lets talk about Menswear for girls. Roles are changing, people: men’s suits have become more tailored and fitted, (which is definitely the better choice than running after the bad boy ladies!), ours have become more slouchy/baggy.


Slits, that is skirts with major slits, both opened  as seen in Balmain (safari inspired) or closed up with a different textile (Reed Krankoff), are GREAT pieces to purchase. Longer skirts (such as pencil and tube) were very popular on spring catwalks and clearly they are here to stay. The Fall offerings are just heavier materials to help keep warm, with a color change to make the transition to fall looks easier. So, if you had a great spring tube skirt that you feel can make the move, pair it up with some tights and continue to wear it for fall.


Gauchos & Plaids
I am not excited about the return of this trend at all, for so many reasons but who am I to discriminate? So gauchos are making a comeback and I know many people will be really excited.  Often in the past gauchos were paired with knee boots for cooler days. How do you wear this trend in 2014? Keep an eye on the proportions and maybe you can give it a try for Casual Friday… Ok, fine, I will admit this Valentino look is pretty cute!
On a bit more casual note, check out ’clashing’ plaids. Just like I’ve said in the past for the spring with mixing patterns, find a similar color in the garments and mix away. You may want to try something similar to the McQueen Look where the top and bottom both have a deeper navy making this ideal to pair if you’re focusing on the trend.



And a fashion staple, every female should already own, turtlenecks. Any fashionista would know that a simple great fitting turtleneck will never go out of style. Don’t believe that? Well, take a look at icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Jackie-O. Always classy, and could be kept simple, or transformed with great jewelry like layered pearls or a statement necklace (Coco inspired).
I hope you enjoy this read, and feel free to contact me or comment what you think are some looks you’ll be looking out for when getting your fall looks ready. Always remember fashion is what you make of it, follow or don’t follow a trend, but make sure you tell YOUR own story!