The Heart Shaped Highlight Trick

Do you want to enhance your best facial features? Look like a model with the heart shape technique

I was recently looking at pictures of Angelina Jolie as Maleficent and I couldn’t stop thinking about how good her transformation looked. Then I was looking at a fashion magazine and noticed something really interesting (in a good way):  all the celebrities portrayed on the glossy pages had highlight enhancing the same parts of the face. And while many are surely partial to a good liquid lift (in the form of poisons, pig fat, etc), I realized that my Model-Worthy Cheekbones trick is only a part of the equation. Even the celebrities sporting the so called “no-makeup” makeup have strategically placed highlight that makes their brow bones, cheeks and cupid bow quite literally shine!

Look at the pictures above, all the celebrities have the same type of heart shaped highlight.  And if one or two may be just a case, when you start seeing heart shaped highlights all over the place, then it MUST be a trend. This technique is simple and very versatile because it adapts to your facial features also it has virtually no downside because the accented features are naturally more prominent.

Heart Shaped high light close up

So how to we go from Maleficent to Angelina in few easy steps? First we start from the right product. Nothing beats YSL Touche Eclat for ease of use and in recent years color selection. The good thing about Touche Eclat is that the texture is thin enough that the result won’t be overwhelming or sparkly, just glowing and subtle. But you can use any other highlighter with a liquid and sheer texture. In the picture below I used Touche Eclat (in the shade 2.5) to deposit little dots of highlighter. The Center of the heart starts on the center of the nose and goes up between your eyebrow, the around the brow bone and to the outer corner of the eye, finally it drops next to the nostrils and on the cupid bow. Repeat on the other side and blend blend blend! This is really easy… it’s like connecting the dots and the results are natural enough for every day.

heart shaped highlight

What do you think? Does the Heart Shaped Highlight Trick work for you? Have you tried it with the Model-worthy Cheekbones Trick? Please comment and post pictures of you experiments!

Note: none of the pictures in this post were photoshopped, hence my red hair in one of the graphics above.