Sweden, the Greatest Inventions!

Foreo Luna, the Swedish device that will revolutionize your beauty routine

Sweden, the country that gave us Ikea, meatballs, H&M, Sockerbit and Alexander Skarsgard also created the latest and greatest in skincare devices. Foreo Luna, a compact and effective sonic device, recently launched in the US. I had heard an amazing review from Wayne Goss not so long ago but the device was only available in Europe. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Foreo Luna and now that I have I am a believer.


Sonic devices are nothing new, I was an early adopter of Clarisonic and have been a happy customer for years.  But Foreo Luna is different and in my opinion better than Clarisonic in many ways. For the analytic people among us (Pirate, I am looking at you) here is a comparison chart I put together having used both devices.


Clarisonic VS Foreo

Now that I have laid out the basics let me tell you why I think Foreo Luna is revolutionary. I love the fact that I don’t need to change the brush every few months. Sonic cleaning is great but if your brush stays wet for a while and harbors bacteria then you have a problem. Foreo’s advantage is that you can wash Luna with antibacterial soap and it dries right away. Additionally on an annual basis changing the brush may become expensive.

Secondly Foreo Luna is not only a cleaning device but also a massage device: it’s programmed so that the first time you push the button you have a cleaning cycle but if you push a second time you get a massage cycle that is very relaxing and it preps your skin for whatever product (oil or serum) comes next. This aspect is great too as with Clarisonic you would have to buy Opal to get a similar effect.

Finally I find that Foreo Luna is a bit more delicate than Clarisonic: the rotation component in Clarisonic can be a bit harsh but the silicone bristles and the tapping movement of Luna are a bit gentler on the skin.

So if you are entering the market of sonic cleaning now, or if your Clarisonic has died and you are looking for a new device, I would wholeheartedly recommend Foreo Luna. I changed and will never look back!