The Mommy Makeup Routine

The Mommy Makeup bag: Top Picks to look put together in 5 minutes

If Into the Gloss ever interviewed me for a Top Shelf, I would love to show them my 3 make up bags filled with the many products this product junkie has collected over the years. I am almost ashamed of my huge eyeshadow stash and the lipstick and blush “collection”. Yes “make up junkie” is one of the definitions that has be thrown at me for the past 15 years. But what can you do? I am Italian, I LOOOOOOOOOVE Makeup. And even if Michelle Phan gives me the cold shoulder and refuses to be interviewed by me (hey lady did you forget you were a blogger once?), I have plenty of friends in the business and even more experts I follow on social media. Therefore I have always bought a ton of makeup…. or at least that was going on until about 4 months ago. Yes, since the day Baby Lemonade was born I didn’t have time for the complicated make up routine I used to love. The 3 makeup bags filled with shtuff lay unused in my bathroom cabinet, substituted for a lighter, faster routine that makes me presentable for work and play in 5 minutes. I have gone on a self imposed makeup diet and only use stuff that really works for me – if it’s multipurpose, even better! To prove that you can look put together in 5 minutes and at every price I also picked drugstore brands that carry amazing dupes for the products I love.

1) Foundation & Concealer

I love a good stick foundation because it doubles as concealer too. So recently I have been addicted to Tom Ford Traceless Foundation Stick (mine is in Fawn). For a whopping $78 you’d better get the shade right, though! This foundation stick is great as a foundation and even better as a concealer because I seriously don’t have time to use 2 products at this point… and if later in the day I need a pick-me-up I still have some YSL Touche Eclat stashed in my desk drawer. Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick is a good mid level alternative and if are on a budget you may want to try Maybelline FitMe Stick

Mommy Makeup Foundation

2) Cheeks & Lips

Once again I picked a multiuse product that doubles as lip color too. YSL Kiss & Blush is a great (albeit expensive) option because it’s a mat creamy texture that stays put on the cheeks (for about 8 hours on un-powdered skin) and doesn’t dry the lips. The range is quite spectacular too: from mauve pinks and neutral peaches to bright orange and statement fuchsia. Other alternatives are Becca Beach Tint, which is more like a stain so you have to work it quickly on the skin, but doesn’t “stain” like Benefit products (which I really can’t use at all). A good drugstore dupe to use for this purpose is Maybelline Master Glaze Blush Stick: inexpensive and with very nice colors but the staying power is definitely less than the previous 2 products.

Mommy Makeup Cheeks and Lips

3) Eyes & Brows

You didn’t think I would skip Eye Makeup, right? I am currently loving eye shadow sticks and leaving powder eye shadow for the special occasions, because seriously who wants to deal with brushes when you have a baby to deal with? My favorite eyeshadow stick is By Terry Ombre Blackstar, because the staying power is incredible and the texture doesn’t dry my lids but at the same time doesn’t migrate. But admittedly it is obnoxiously expensive so I have been looking for dupes with a lower price like Clinique Chubby Sticks which are perfect for a natural make up. I find that drugstore brands are not very good at eye shadow sticks so I will mention another middle of the road product I really like, Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye color. I use a low budget mascara because I tend to discard the package every 4 weeks (and I encourage you to do the same to avoid using a product that flakes (at best) or that gives you an eye infection (yes it is the worst case scenario but you don’t want to go there). My pick is Cover Girl Flamed Up Curl Mascara, which is reasonably inexpensive that you don’t feel bad about tossing it often and buy a new one. Finally eyebrows because you know how much I love them. Again the product I use everyday, MAC Eyebrow pencil (the mechanical one, not the wooden one) is fairly inexpensive because it also lasts a really long time, but you can find dupes at a drugstore. Just make sure it’s the right color as they tend to be more reddish than normal.

Mommy Makeup Eyes & Brows