Throwback Thursday Frittata

#ThrowbackThursday: Tortilla Espanola aka Potato Frittata

Here we go again with some more throwback Thursday. This time it’s a fun recipe and the original video had been shot for CNN. But you know how it is with Cooking in Manhattan, it has a life of its own so we created an additional version to show our viewers.  Today our Beer and Wine Experts are giving us some tips on what to pair with this great Mediterranean dish.

From our Wine Expert Gianluca Rottura:

“For the Potato Frittata…WHAT ELSE, But a wine from Serena’s area, Donnachiara Aglianico 2009 ($18).  Made from Aglianico, this dark, mysterious red with funky notes of forest fruits and soft hints of licorice elegantly balanced with a floral nose is an esoteric choice.  Great wine for earthy dishes like this Potato Frittata. It also goes well with truffle laced plates and game.”
From our Beer Expert Bob Burtcheall:
“I would pair this dish with two beers. The first is Twisted Pine Brewing Billy’s Chilies, a beer is brewed with five different chilies, which makes it mildly spicy with a classic beer flavor.  The second beer is Anchor Brewing California Lager, a golden-colored lager with slight malt aromas and a very smooth finish. “