The Secret to Baby Soft Feet

As you may remember I have a very ambitious plan laid out to go back to my pre-pregnancy shape and look even better. During my pregnancy there were many things I couldn’t do, like eating raw fish, using retinol creams and go skydiving. Now I can do it all again… That is the raw fish and retinol, I could never skydive because I am too afraid of heights.

One of the things I have been longing to try but couldn’t because of the ingredients is Clarisonic Pedi, a system that guarantees baby soft feet. Like the regular Clarisonic brushes that we all know and love the kit contains a brush, but unlike the regular kits the Pedi also contains a buffing disk and a series of products to be used together with the device. I was unable to use the Pedi system before because it contains AHA (that may or may not be dangerous during pregnancy and I took a “better safe than sorry” approach to whatever I used). Now I have free reign and started experimenting with the kit. The scope of the experiment initially consisted in keeping my feet baby soft in between pedicures, but soon it became apparent that Clarisonic Pedi does a better job than your average nail technician. With a fairly modest investment in terms of monies and time, you possibly won’t need any elbow grease to achieve soft feet even if you start with very cracked and dry extremities.

clarisonic pedi

Clarisonic Pedi is not just a foot file or one of those contraptions that shave your calluses and may cause a bloody (and potentially infected) mess. Your time investment pays off if you take good care of your feet every day or at least twice a week. You start with a scrub and your Wet/Dry buffing brush: it’s as pleasant as a foot massage with the added value that it buffs off the dead skin cells. For the problem areas (I.e. Calluses) you have the smoothing disk and some really powerful potions. The system works wonders because it pairs chemical and mechanical exfoliants to get rid of cracked heels and calluses. The Pedi-Balm and Pedi Boots are like a facial for your feet! and together with the smoothing disk I have been able to prolong my time in between professional pedicures but 2 weeks so far.

The star of the kit is the smoothing disk… I was first initiated to mechanical buffing in Brazil, where it’s the norm as opposed to elbow grease and a foot file elsewhere in the world. But unless you are a technician trained in using the devices used for pedis in Brazil, you may find yourself with a nasty abrasion due to your overly eager buffing. The Clarisonic Pedi smoothing disk bypasses the problem and it times the minutes you spend on each area of your foot so you can’t possibly overdo it. But How does it feel, you may ask? It feels like serious tickling at first but after a few seconds the delicate smoothing action makes the experience very pleasant yet effective. I can’t recommend Clarisonic Pedi enough whether you are looking for an interim solution in between professional pedis or for an at home option to keep your feet in top shape throughout the year.