Amedei Store NYC

Amedei: The Taste of Italian Chocolate

I firmly believe that chocolate is medicine for the soul. Have you ever found yourself working at 3AM and the only thing that makes you feel human is a square of dark chocolate? Or maybe you just had a child who doesn’t like to  sleep at night and reaching out for chocolate is the only way to motivate you through the sleep deprivation. Regardless of your reason, eating chocolate is so much more than indulgence: it is nurturing and calming but also an invigorating experience. But the chocolate you eat does matter. As many other things in life, real indulgence doesn’t come from a large amount of commercial chocolate but from a moderate (not small, mind you) quantity of high quality chocolate. And that is why the opening of the Amedei Store in NYC is to such a big deal. If you have never heard about Amedei Chocolate so far, fear not, it will soon become one of your favorite brands: this Tuscan chocolate maker is one of Italy’s finest and it have finally opened a store in NYC!

I had the pleasure of participating to a chocolate tasting yesterday with the fabulous and inspiring Francine Segan, a food historian and cookbook author. Along with the story of the Amedei Brand, Francine took the audience through the history of chocolate and a bit of geography too: Amedei is one of the few chocolatiers that creates chocolate from beans coming from the same country. So, along with the more traditional definition of chocolate by the percentage, you also have chocolate from Jamaica, Venezuela, Madagascar and Ecuador. All these types of chocolate have different characteristics, based on the geographical area where the beans grow. How cool is to take a trip around the world through chocolate?

There is one more reason to love this brand: it’s all about girl power! Cecilia Tessieri, the maker of Amedei is the first woman master chocolatier in the world.  In a world populated by men, Cecilia has created a brand that has the highest quality chocolate with a nurturing and feminine sensibility.

But to experience Amedei chocolate you’ll have to visit their newly opened store on 18th street!