Baby Lemonade 25 is here!

Dear Friends and Readers,

As you may have noticed I have been MIA for the past few weeks.  Sorry for the unwanted hiatus, but I was really busy: Baby Lemonade, Erika, has finally arrived! After 39 weeks, she was ready to make her debut on January 29th at a whopping 7.7lb.  She looks a lot like the Pirate and her only resemblance to mommy (for now) is that she REALLY LOVES to eat.  She also makes some really funny faces, especially when people talk to her with the “baby voice”. She didn’t like it when she was being cooked…. she used to kick me if someone sounded silly… now that she is out here she properly rolls eyes at people. So yes that probably makes 2 things that she took from me.

Be on the look out because she will soon become a part of the Cooking in Manhattan family as I will introduce her properly in the upcoming videos.


[picture by Bella Baby Photography]

  • Carla Milanese

    She has your glance!!! beautiful!! <3