Fashion to Follow in 2014

2014 Fashion to Follow

Hi all,

Sabrina here, you might have noticed there has been a pretty big gap from my last post.  I’m on a new life adventure, which has had me pretty busy. I’ve recently been accepted into fashion school and getting started has kept me on a rolling ball.  It is really exciting, though and I look forward to this new adventure and the opportunities that will come out of it.  

The best way to start the new year is to plan what we will be wearing next: I have been checking out some trends to keep you updated on the best ideas to encourage you to express your art through your clothes. But fashion is not all about trends and as much as I love what I see on WWD, not all trends are viable and here to stay.  Gianni Versace said it best: 

“Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are”

My philosophy is that you need to wear what work for you and push the boundaries a little, not just follow a trend because a fashion magazine or blogger says so.  Yes, trends are what makes fashion go round, but don’t define yourself by one sole look, or follow a crowd. I write to encourage an idea for a potential outfit, or look for how you might feel that day, but find YOUrself while doing so. You’ll only be more fabulous that way!

So, after this brief statement of my fashion philosophy, here are some fun looks I’ve seen for 2014:


I emphasize this one because it was the biggest pattern I saw in a lot of shows. BCBG (we all know my love for them), Dolce and Gabbana (them too! lol), Dennis Basso, Alice & Olivia, Michael Kors, and the list goes on.




Tom Ford (London show), has made me love metallic even more than I did already, and using it for spring was genius, especially that there was a lot of metallic threading for pastels, aka “icy pastels” for the season.




Pink is the color to look for, it was used in a lighter, powder tone and hot pink for spring and summer, and progressed to deeper tones and red into some pre-fall shows.



Graphic tees paired with skirts, also taken into both seasons, are definitely a fun and flirty way to either dress up that old t-shirt with some heels, or dress down a skirt, with some flats. Again in both seasons, definitely check out the Burberry version for fall, super cute!!

Graphic Tees


Chambray shirts are still a part of the fashion conversation, so don’t get rid of then just yet if you’ve already invested in one (or some).


Orange is being paired with some pinks and blues for bright looks, to hopefully match the weather, (because seriously we are all so sick of this cold), if it is a color you’d throw in your mix, check out the website for some inspiration.



Another biggie/goodie: a clean crisp white shirt is a must have in your wardrobe. Black and white is seen in a lot of shows from different designers and is a simple way to look great all year!

white Shirts


Mix & match is always in style if done right. Your patterns shouldn’t both be overly shocking, yet have similar colors to easily collaborate them. do you want some example? leopard and floral go well. Floral and hounds tooth, NO. Large patterned paisley colored pink and orange, paired with small polka dots in similar colors, YES!


Thank you to Miley Cyrus and Jenner ladies, crop tops are still in full force to beat the heat. Time to hit the gym and grab a green juice to show some abs!



Denim hasn’t changed much, distressed boyfriend, straight and skinny cuts seem to be go to styles, UNTIL…. Gwen Stefani and Michael Glasser launch their take on a non denim line that they want to give your casual wardrobe a “chic attitude”. Its a line I’m personally very excited to check out. I think Gwen Stefani, No Doubt, (pun intended), has great style and is a fashion icon in my eyes. Similar to her look, these are said to be, slouchy, tapered trousers, which if anyone else is an online “window shopper” like me , a few places have already started pushing these “dressy sweat pants”. Dress them up with some heels and a fun tank for spring for either a night out with the girls or a fun date to feel fresh off a runway, because what better runway is there than the streets (of New York for me).

I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek into 2014 fashion. We’ll be talking about these trends and much more all through out the year. Feel free to contact me for any questions or advise on some looks I have, or haven’t mentioned.

Go make YOUR art!!
abbracci & bisous