Throwback thursday ARANCINI

#ThrowbackThursday: Arancini Video Recipe and more!

New Year, New Trend. I have never participated to Throwback Thursday but it’s time to start a new tradition. Since I don’t think it would be fair that I just repost something old for the sake of social media, my #TBT will actually have a new spin on old content. Remember when I told I was getting some new contributors to advise you on wine and beer? On Thursdays we will rediscover a previous recipe from the Cooking in Manhattan Vault and they will provide you with their picks for the liquor store.

Here is the first video about Arancini. Some of you may remember that in this video I begged my mom to be on screen with me but she was shy… what you hear is her speaking Italian and giving me suggestions/directions/encouragement on making arancini. You will notice the old orange kitchen and the old accent (fortunately for me I crossed paths with Susan Sankin who managed to make me more understandable and confident in front of the camera).

So here is the video:

…. and here are our picks from the wine and beer experts.Arancini pairings

From Gianluca Rottura, our wine expert:

I would pair Gulfi Neroibleo Nero D’Avola 2009 ($20) with Serena’s Arancini.  It is a deep medium to full bodied wine, like Australian Shiraz but way better and much more classy. This wine has soft tannins and blackberry fruit, so it also goes well with eggplant and lamb based dishes.

From Bob Burtchaell, our beer connoisseur:

I would pair this dish with Maine Beer Company’s MO pale ale, a very flavorful ale with a slight hint of pine and floral notes and a dry finish that will blend very well with the ingredients in this dish.