Lemonade 25 Presents Cooking in Manhattan

The NEW Cooking in Manhattan

Happy New Year to all of you!

In 2013 we have revamped the old (and a little stale) Serenapalumbo.com and created Lemonade 25. So far, the new format and contributors have made the website better than ever. But with all this face lift you might think that something is missing… Where is Cooking in Manhattan? My digital baby is being revamped too! NEW Kitchen, NEW Graphics and even guest stars and new partnerships. We are planning great things for a show that is as fun and delicious to make as it is enjoyable to watch.

But, what about the old recipes? They will get a facelift too! You can find them here, and they can now be printed and saved more easily. We are finalizing the youtube optimization so you will have all of them (including ingredients and recipe instructions) handy at all times.

In line with the spirit of the website, we are bringing you curated content to improve your life and make cooking for a family or a crowd easier and more fun than ever. Every recipe, old and new will come with additional content from 2 new contributors advising you on the best beer and wine pairings.  Their will take the guess work out of the beer and wine selection and help you navigate the isles of your local wine store with ease. Even better if you are planning a date or a dinner party you’ll be able to tell your guests exactly what to bring!


Meet Gianluca Rottura, Wine Expert and Sommelier

A born a raised New Yorker, when New York was New York, with deep and close relationships to Italy, Food, and Wine. Having lived in Italy, Gianluca was lucky to experience first-hand “La Bella Vita”, where his family makes wine, along with most of the foods they consume, chairs they sit on, and tables off which they eat. He continues to advocate his long-held beliefs, which for some others is sadly new and trendy, that food and wine must be natural, honest, and real.  Gianluca authored his first book, on wine, at 24 and even teaches classes and holds wine tastings.  He is the owner of  “In Vino Veritas”, a jewel of a wine store on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.


Meet Bob Burtchaell, Beer Connoisseur and entrepreneur

Bob has been a beer enthusiast for as long as he can remember, and the recent rise in popularity of craft beer has only served to amplify his passion.  He has had the good fortune to have tasted many different styles of beer from all over the world.  He owns a bar & grill in New Jersey where there are 22 beers on tap, rotating through an abundance of craft beers.  Bob regularly hosts beer tasting events at his bar, and enjoys learning about different styles of beer.  He spends an inordinate amount of time convincing people to bring him elusive local beers from far-flung parts of the country in order to further his education!

To a 2014 with great food & wine and much more fun to come!