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Holiday Recipes: 5 Inspiring Blogs to Freshen up your Repertoire

Once upon a time buying magazines and cookbooks was the only way to find a new recipe. In alternative you had to rely on measurements and techniques that your mother/grandmother/aunt/etc. had taught you.  In the past 10 years the way we find new recipes to inspire us and make our lives more delicious has changed a lot: even my mom, who has always written down traditional family recipes and relied on cookbooks and a famous Italian magazine called La Cucina Italiana, today searches the internet for the latest and greatest in food innovation.

Nowadays, there is an app or a website for pretty much everything so improving and growing the average cook’s repertoire for the holidays is even easier. While I love the recipes that my mother and grandma (nonna) have taught me over the years, the holiday season is often boring foodwise if I only stick to the same meal over and over. So there are several websites I use to inspire me on a quest to make new traditions for myself and my family. 

The food bloggers community is responsible to this awesome change and as much as I enjoy blogging, I also love reading what other bloggers write. What’s not to love in a group of people that are passionate about food and experiment with new creations every day? Food Blogging is so much more than compiling a recipe and taking a good picture. Some food bloggers inspire with their words even more than the recipes itself. Thanks to newsletters and services like blogloving we can stay in touch with our favorite food bloggers all the time and never miss a post. So I decided to compile a list of the 10 food blogs who inspire me to be a better cook and try something new.

Big Girls Small Kitchen: Cara Eisenpress and I have a webdesigner (the amazing Laureen @ Paperwhite Studio) and a small kitchen in common. I have been a pretty religious follower for years and I love the creative recipes and the down-to-earth approach of the blog. Big Girls Small Kitchen may seem tailored to people in their twenties, but way into my thirties I find it useful, fun and inspiring.

Joy the Baker: I am not much of a baker but when I need to learn something about baking I turn to Joy the baker. The recipes are delicious and the photography is amazing: Joy makes me want to learn how to make home made marshmallows and I have promised to myself that in 2014 (possibly during my maternity leave) I will actually accomplish that. She is also a really good writer with a great on camera personality so I think she is bound to achieve super stardom very very soon!

five and spice: Emily defines herself as a lazy iron chef and renegade nutritionist.  From a nutritionist you would imagine a blog that is all about green juice, whole grains, dairy free etc. But it’s not the case with this blog: it’s not about nutrition, but about delicious food made using all sorts of ingredients including butter and white sugar (just in moderation). The recipes on Five & Spice have several degrees of difficulty from “down to basics” to more complex but the posts are always inspiring and fun to read… and the food, frankly impressive.

not without salt: When I grow up I want to take pictures of food like Ashley Rodriguez (and cook like her too). I discovered her blog, not without salt, because someone sent an email to my husband, the Pirate, to ask him if I had the same tradition that was so dear to the readers of Ashley’s blog i.e. to post pictures and recipes about food she cooks for her husband. I have been reading the blog ever since and I am so excited about the book that is on the way (Valentine’s day 2015). If you are looking for inspiration for your dates at home with your husband, this is the blog to follow. And since baby girl Weiss is coming soon I know I will be looking for inspiration more than ever.

How Sweet It Is: I have an incurable sweet tooth. Give me the ingredient for s’mores and you’ll see what happens…. I pretty much cleanup the plate in 30 seconds flat. This website provides me with constant inspiration. Jessica, the blogger behind How Sweet it is, is a James Taylor fan and amazing writer: you feel like you are standing right next to her cooking. I love the humble and self effacing humor of her Annual Kitchen Disasters post. I have a bunch of disasters myself and I can totally relate. But still every recipe I ever made from this wonderful blog has been a huge success.

Inspiring Food Bloggers

I look forward to see, hear, read and taste more from these blogs in 2014. Thank you for keeping me inspired.