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Fashion Alert: Wear vegan leather for the perfect “cruelty-free” party outfit

Hi All,
Since my last post was about cute animals on sweaters, why not continue spreading love for my fury friends and keep some green in the pocket? A great trend right now is vegan (faux) leather.  Although there are a lot of designers still using genuine leather, you can find some who work with faux leather and have some really great pieces out. Faux leather used to be a little tough and uncomfortable. New techniques and treatments have made vegan leather super luxurious. We are not only talking about Stella McCartney, who makes awesome but very expensive pieces. You can wear high quality vegan leather and it doesn’t have to come with a steep price tag. For example, I recently bought a vegan leather skirt and some paneled legging from BCBG (YES! I know, I’m obsessed with the brand, sorry, they’re just that amazing to me). I got my skirt in merlot, which not only is a beautiful color to begin with, but it’s been a big color this year.

When it was time to channel one of my idols, Marilyn Monroe, I  put a vintage twist on a modern look: paired with a beige colored sweater and peep-toe pumps really made my vegan leather skirt stand out. Really cute for anyone headed to a nice holiday party!

Cruelty Free and Ready to party

SO, if you want to save your furry friends and have the perfect party-ready outfit, check out and just type vegan in the search bar. I have done my research and found that Piperlime has the best selection of vegan leather on the web. They have really gorgeous things right now for the holiday season from peplum tops, to skirts, pants, jackets and more. If you’re in the NYC area, stop by the SoHo store where the staff is super friendly and ready to help you with anything you’d need. Go shop and make your art!

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  • Ellisa

    I really enjoyed reading this article it was very informative and definitely gave me some ideas! I love all of the articles that are written by Sabrina she has such a great sense of fashion and she really knows what she is talking about I can’t wait to read more that can give me inspiration for my everyday look!!

    • Thank you Elisa, so glad you enjoyed Sabrina’s article, and there is more to come! We are very Lucky to have Sabrina on board because she is very talented and has impeccable taste.