How to make homemade gnocchi

Want to show some love to your family? Make them homemade potato gnocchi

This video recipe has been requested by so many viewers! Gnocchi (pronounces “niokee”) seems to be one of those iconic Italian dishes that everyone loves but no one wants to prepare. I am not sure why so many accomplished home cooks who make marshmallow (which for me is one of the most difficult things to make) and experiment with molecular gastronomy are intimidated by this humble dish. So I decided to troubleshoot it for you all, so you can show some love to your family during the holiday season.

Remember: you need to trust the process and let the dough rest, otherwise the moisture of the potatoes won’t transfer into the flour.  You can double the recipe and freeze all the uncooked gnocchi you don’t eat, if any. A friend and fellow attorney usually coats his gnocchi in seasoned breadcrumbs and fries them until they are golden, then serves them with parmigiano and marinara sauce for a rustic appetizer. I usually serve them with a simple marinara and mozzarella (pizza stile) and baked in large ramekins, but you could try pretty much every sauce under the sun, melted gorgonzola cheese, bolognese sauce, pesto, mushroom and truffle sauce. The combinations are endless but at least now you know the basic techniques and that is when you can let your creativity shine.

How to you like to cook your gnocchi? We want to know!