How to contour face to achieve model worthy cheekbones

How to contour your face for model-worthy cheekbones

Celebrities, models, actresses always look like sharp cheekbones and well defined jawlines are in their genepool. But then you look at their old pictures and you realize that they too used to have chubby cheeks and a hint of double chin. Do they all get extensive plastic surgery? Well many do, a cheek implant and neck liposuction would complement the reshaping of their nose and chin. But if you are afraid of scalpel and needles like I am you’ll probably think you could never achieve that multidimensional look. Well I have news for you: there is a perfect solution for this problem and I have also selected the products that will give you the best results.

It’s all about smoke and mirrors and it’s called contouring! This simple make up technique allows you to visually sculpt your cheeks and jawline. But you have to know what to use and how to use it. Remember the 90s when sculpting was done with bronzers and people would walk around with the hoompa loompa complexion? That is NOT what we are shooting for here. We want a defined look not sparkling orange stripes on your otherwise pasty face. Mastering the art of contouring was a bit of a necessity for me. In the summer of 2004 when I fractured my face slipping in a bathtub, I didn’t know whether my face would go back to normal. Fortunately, the OMFS Department at NYU Medical Center is one of the best in the country and they saved my face but recovery from trauma surgery on the left side of my face was as painful as it sounds. While waiting for the swelling to subside, I used this visual trick to make my face look normal enough to go to class. Now everyone from the Kardashians to Keira, Natalie and Scarlet, use contouring… and here it how they do it.

The Dark Side of Face Contouring

Contouring is about subtle contrast, you don’t want to have harsh stripes on your cheeks or you will look, well… demented. I found that the perfect product for this purpose is Dolce & Gabbana Le Blush in Tan, a perfect taupe powder that looks good on pretty much every one and comes with a versatile little brush (in case you feel like shaping your nose without a scalpel too). Yes it is a pricey little compact but it is a LOT cheaper and less painful than plastic surgery, so you may want to consider it as a holiday present to yourself.  Pat Mc Grath (creative director of the D&G makeup line) deserves an award for getting the color just right, not too orangey or purpley.  How do you use it? It’s easy: suck your cheeks in and apply the contouring VERY lightly only to the hallow area the cheek bones and close to your ears. If you go towards the middle of the cheeks then you are overdoing it (and in that case you can blend, blend… BLEND!)

The Bright Side of Face Contouring

Now for the fun, colorful part. Skip the sparkle and go for a blush in a subtle color that is similar to that of your skin after you work out. I know people really love a very famous Nars blush but I am not a fan because it is waaaaaay to coral pink for me.  Go for a natural satiny shade that is brighter than your skintone but doesn’t scream 80s. Apply the brighter blush on top of the cheekbone, but NOT on the apple of the cheek (I learned this trick from Wayne Goss, who is notoriously the Alton Brown of make up and a genius), and of course blend like your life depends on it.

Now look in the mirror…. you have model worthy high cheekbones just for a night and no surgical downtime!