Fantasticarlo from Hunger Games to Hunger Fakes

FantastiCarlo: from Hunger Games to Hunger FAKES!

Since it’s been a while from the release of The Catching Fire, the second installment in the Hunger Games saga, I hope most of you guys have had the time to give it a try. I admit I’m part of that cavemen group of people who knew what HG was, but didn’t get the chance to embrace this (other) saga the industry’s given us, so I kind of had to do some research on the net to be prepared for this so much buzzed movie.

Plenty of my friends had seen it and/or had read the books, so I was kind of “okay, I need to get back on the track everyone else seems to be on” and started looking for info about Hunger Games. I was pretty much surprised by the fact that apparently no vampires were involved, and everything was kind of a Goblet of Fire competition in which people kill each other for some political (a.k.a. pointless) reason. And, even if there doesn’t seem to be any mythological creature that has been revised and made invicible and muscled (sorry Meyer), HG has the big merit to have given us a new interesting word to add to our vocabulary, which is dystopia.

Maybe most of people thought that the only word that could end in –ia was Disturbia (and no, this is not a Rihanna related quote), but the licterature world seems to have taken this as the new trend. I mean, did you really think that HG would remain the only “modern” story about an alternative version of our reality with much more CGI involved? Well, sorry to disappoint you, but it seems that next year the clash of dystopical fiction is on!

What I’m trying to tell you is that, while I was going on with my HG related lookups online, I found out that there are already two clones ready to hit the screen, both coming from “best selling book series”, which happen to be Divergent and The Maze Runner.


You can get a good idea about the first one having a look at the header picture of this article: I mean, at first I thought it was an HG promotional or something poster, but then I realized it really was about this other Divergent thing, by Veronica Roth (the follow ups being Insurgent and Allegiant). And – as you can figure – the plot is kinda the same: people having to face hard choices and going thought difficult acrobacies in order to cause the fall of a bigger shadow organization who wants to rule the world. But what I’m saying is: did it have to happen with the same outfit Jennifer Lawrence is wearing in the HG? Don’t think so, but what I’m sure about is that even this other jig is going to become a highly-grossing-highly-merchandised brand.

And The Maze Runner doesn’t seem to have lower expectations. This other one pretends to be more original, with people that at least are forced to escape a massive unsolvable maze in order to – guess what! – find themselves and figure out what the heck has been going on in the rest of the world since their disappearance. James Dashner, who is the author of this other saga (including three more installments: The Scorch Trials, The Death Cure and The Kill Order) seems to have found an original way to put the whole HG stereotype so that it’s at least enjoyable and not that much of a replica. Ish.

So, apart from the fact that I am concerned about this trend that has been going on since the Twilight mania, which consists in waves of movies and books which are about pretty much the same thing, you can get a good idea about what’s going to rule the screens next year. So, if you’re that kind of person who likes to read first than watching the movie, don’t say you haven’t been warned. And yes, Christmas is close, so you should think of adding some of this titles to your Christmas gifts requests. How about my list? Wait for it, it’s coming next week to Lemonade 25.