How to Wear Holiday Animal Sweaters

FashionAlert: From Ugly Holiday Sweaters to Flirty Winter Fun

Hi all,

As many people in NYC know, winter is knocking on the door. Cold weather is here, and anyone like me, knows that means LAYERS!! Remember all the ugly holiday sweaters that you have seen over the years? They have made a comeback… well sort of. Cute animal sweaters are a must have for this season and I adore them. A lot of brands are on board with this little trend, and you should be too! I fell in love with this cute little winking fox as soon as I set eyes on her. She’s fun, flirty, feminine and helps keep me warm, which is much needed in New York City. This lovely city of mine is great during the holidays but you’d better bundle up!

Fashion Alert! The Return of the Ugly Sweater!

The Animal Sweater Trend is really hot right now but who knows if it’s going to stick? If you want to pull it off without going too pricy, even places like Kohls, with their LC Lauren Conrad line, have some that are super cute and very affordable. Others, such as BCBG, Burberry, Marc Jacobs, Topshop and French Connection, just to name a few, are all contributing to this cozy cutie sweater frenzy.

But now you may wonder what to wear with your sweater to avoid looking like a teenager. Well, I paired my fox with some dark washed denim and black suede wedges, but can even be dressed up with a simple skater skirt and some pumps.
Have fun with it and make your art, even if you have to paint it in a forest!!

How to wear an holiday sweater

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