Fantasticarlo: Music war, feud or fraud?

Am I the only one who has noticed that lately when it comes to music it’s all about war? You see, when you get into a music store (whether it’s real or digital) the first thing you notice is that glitter goes with glitter and crazy dyed hair goes with crazy dyed hair, and I’m not talking fashion with you guys – you get a whole lotta Serena for that. What I mean is that comparison is in order and self proclaimed queens, kings, princes and princesses of pop and all their royal staffs are in front line to defeat their opponents in order to conquer the throne of Supreme music icon. And since they are (born as) singers, how do they intend to win this endless feud? Of course not by music! GaGa and Perry sell a couple million singles whenever they tweet they just pooped or when they instagram the picture of the “lemonade” they just sipped, so apparently a good show is not what it takes to win sales anymore. But their albums coming out almost the same month – after both of them took a little too long to record, let me tell you – well, that doesn’t seem much of a coincidence to me. And how about the fact that Gaga’s ArtPop got leaked right the day before Britney’s new single Perfume was released? Am I the only one who sees a pattern here just because I’m a fan of JJ Abrams’ shows? In my opinion there is no chance that any of these girls or former girls (sorry to tell you Madonna, but the only one not allowed to age here is Cher) has got no insights about traitors who surround them and leak their albums. Maybe, while fans are out there to speculate and fight against each other between Just Jared and Twitter verified accounts that retweet crazy death threats, all the icons are just having a brunch at Starbucks with their wigs off so no one can recognize them. Do you think that all this buzz is part of the game or that it’s getting way too much into (or over) the main purpose of all these people’s careers? Am I the only one who’s feeling almost harassed by all this? What is the line between art and gossip? But more importantly: is this music war a real feud or a fraud?

Fantasticarlo: Music Wars Feud or Fraud?