Bite Beauty Customized Edible Lipstick

When food and beauty meet: Customized Organic Edible Lipstick

Some people think that the world of food and cosmetics never meet, but that is definitely not the case. The first cosmetics were found in nature: milk in the bath water as a body lotion, yogurt as a mask, rose petals and beeswax as a Victorian Age lipstick and blush. During the Roman Empire, a kitchen was the perfect place to prepare your food with a side of beauty products! Recently the shelves of major beauty retailers have been populated by new organic brands.Description: Description: main draw is that “what goes on your face and body should be as good as what goes in your stomach”. Where is the glitch? Organic beauty products are often a little too “crunchy granola” and they are not associated with high effectiveness and, well, a fun experience. But while Tata Harper is making history in organic skincare, even the pickiest beauty junkies are going to make a beeline for the newest addition to the lip care world.

Bite Beauty is a Canadian company that focuses on lip products made with food grade ingredients. Currently sold exclusively online and at Sephora, Bite Beauty recently opened the first Bite Lab, a store where you can customize your own and purchase your lipstick. Nested in a quiet corner of Soho the Lab is a splash of color and one of the most fun experiences for grown women! Remember when you played with your mom’s lipstick as a kid? At Bite Lab, with the help of a technician you can create your perfect blend of red, pink, coral, beige, etc. The possibilities are endless and in this lab, structured as a modern day tech-savvy boudoir you will find lipstick colors that are so beautiful you may want to eat them (and you might as well since they are made with food grade ingredients) like chocolate bonbons.

Bite Beauty Lab how to customized your lip color

During a recent trip to Bite Lab I created two lipsticks a pinky beige and a deep red. As you can see in the pictures, Stephanie, the Bite Lab Lip Color expert, patiently listened to what I like and dislike about lipsticks and came up with two brilliant colors that look absolutely perfect. The experience was incredibly fun, first trying all the colors and then mixing them. The best part in my book was obviously “cooking” the lipsticks. Your perfect mix goes into an oven, then it is molded and placed onto a freezing surface (my adventures in molecular gastronomy tell me that it’s all liquid nitrogen) and then placed into the case.

Every woman has a special brand of crazy, now we can also have our customized special brand of organic lipstick!

What’s your favorite lipstick brand?