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Fashion Alert: PUNK, Chaos to Couture

Hi All,

I will share with you from time-to-time fashion advice and ideas that I personally love. Before reading any further, you should know that fashion in my eyes is art. It shouldn’t be just “putting clothes on”. Each piece of your wardrobe, whether it be a shirt, necklace, bag, shoes, etc, should express to the world an image you want them to see. The same way Salvador Dali painted great works, such as “The Persistence of Memory”, you too should be your own artist portraying a great work of art.

Street Style Fashion PUNK

So, this summer The Met had an exhibit paying homage to PUNK. A darker, grunge look with details such as safety pins, spikes and more, that many great designers, at some point, incorporated in their runway. Vivienne Westwood used PUNK to express a revolution, “I was messianic about punk, seeing if one could put a spoke in the system in some way”.

Needless to say, I fell in LOVE with this exhibit, and finally used my Saturday night out to express the Punk in me. With dark clothes, nails, and lips, curled, slightly teased hair, embellished, graphic tee, coated black jeans, metallic clutch and black suede pumps. A runway look anyone can achieve!

Go paint you art!!

abbracci & bisous