New Beginnings: Lemonade 25

Dear Friends & Readers,

I am starting the post as many others you have read on in the past, but today we will be talking about new beginnings. After five unbelievable years, the website was in desperate need of a face lift. As a beginner, blogging through has been an amazing exercise. I have learned a lot from the trial and error about what works and what doesn’t, the posts you like to read and those which were not very successful.  Before Food Network, before Cooking in Manhattan, there was an Italian living in New York and trying to make the best out of her busy life, and you, my readers and viewers.

Looking back at the content we are importing into the new website I see the first videos with a younger and a goofier version of me talking too fast to the camera, the not so great attempts at food photography, the blog posts written from a crowded subway train while going to work in the morning, the patience of the Pirate, playing director of photography/executive producer/marketing manager, occasional photographer.  What an amazing adventure it has been! I am so thankful for every comment, feedback, subscription, email. It’s great to know that someone out there has been reading what I had to say.  That is also the reason for the change: you deserve to read more of what you enjoy and it would be foolish and selfish of me not to upgrade the website and become a better blogger, while staying true to who I am. Once again, I have found the new beginnings in my roots.

It took several months of hard work and soul searching, and now Lemonade25 is born. I would like to thank all the people who embarked in this new adventure with me contributing great ideas and the type of brainstorming you only see in movies. Without Laureen and the Paperwhite Studio Team, all the friends from all over the world who gave their expert advice on branding and strategy, the new editors and contributors and of course the ever supportive Weiss and Palumbo Families, this website would have never happened. If you check out the About page you will find all the information about our “manifesto” and the fantastic people who will write for Lemonade25. I am thrilled so many people joined me in this adventure and honored they wanted to be a part of something I created.

We are entering into a new era of curated lifestyle, where Italian Indulgence marries American Ingenuity to bring you fun, useful and uplifting content. Lemonade 25 will be more than just a blog, it will be a community and you are all invited… because making lemonade together can be a lot of fun!

Your Squeezer-in-Chief


  • This is wonderful, Serena! I am so excited to follow this new adventure of yours while in Bologna 🙂 Buona Fortuna!!!

    • Deanna, maybe we can work on CityProfile on Bologna together!

      • That sounds great! I am here for at least one year, pursuing my MBA at the University of Bologna – focusing on the business of Food and Wine. Would love to help!

        And congratulations on the wonderful news about your little one on the way!

        Keep in touch xoxo

        My email is