Cooking in Manhattan Gazpacho

VideoRecipe: Gazpacho

Dear Friends & Readers,

a couple of months ago my friends Stephanie and Alessandro came over for dinner and she brought the most delicious watermelon gazpacho. Tasting this cold satisfying soup has caused a bit of a craze in the Palumbo-Weiss household. With the farmers’ market not too far away and beautiful produce still on display every weekend, I tried my hand at gazpacho, fearing that it would turn out like a virgin Bloody Mary. After much trial and error (and many Bloody Marys for the Pirate), I finally got it right. Why should you try gazpacho? It’s a vegan soup that needs only a blender, it can be eaten cold and keeps refrigerated for a couple of days. It’s gluten free, delicious and super healthy…. I could keep selling you the recipe but I’d much rather let you see it for yourselves.



Have you tried gazpacho? what is your favorite cold soup?