Online Resources for Moms-to-Be

Before my new adventure in pregnancy and soon motherhood, I never thought I would be researching the web for mommy blogs. I guess I was looking for some inspiration and new ideas and the internet was the closest resource at hand. It turns out there are countless resources for moms-to-be and new moms on the internet! It makes me wonder how our moms did it when we were kids and there was no world wide web to turn to for help and advice. But I digress. The purpose of my research was not to find mommy blogs in general, but to find the ones that are inspirational, fun and educational at the same time. Thankfully I found some solid resources and added them to my daily blog reading list.

Pregnancy & Motherhood Reference

The Bump and Baby Center are great general resources for pregnancy and early motherhood, whether you are looking for tips on handling people touching your belly or the latest and greatest in car seats. If you sign up for the customized newsletter, they will send you a weekly email to let you know at what stage your baby should is before he or she is born (size, what senses/organs are developing) and after of course.

Fashionable Mom Websites

Romy & the Bunnies is a website created by Julia Restoin Roitfeld. The last name sounds familiar right? Well, Julia knows one thing or two about being stylish and fashionable since her mom is the former editor in chief of Vogue France. Julia launched the website when she became a mom to adorable little Romy. The interviews with famous moms (models, designers, socialites) are incredibly helpful because no matter how much help these ladies may have you quickly realize that we all go through the same struggles and problems during and after pregnancy. The website is a great resource for moms-to-be who want to be fashionable throughout their pregnancy and after!

Elizabeth Street is a fun lifestyle website for moms and moms-to-be. The articles and the lifestyle portrayed on the website have a distinct downtown feel (after all, Elizabeth Street is indeed downtown), which is young, fresh and not too conservative. The website features some city guides for families that I will be sure to download as soon as we start traveling with Baby Weiss.

La Petite Peach is a website for curated childhood. At first the concept of curated childhood wasn’t clear to me. I quickly realized that the website features everything you need to make your child’s childhood memorable. Whether you are looking for inspiration on nursery decor or maternity photography, this is the place to go for the most tasteful selection you’ll find on the internet. I find the look books for mom and baby to be particularly helpful and I will be happily pinning away some of the nursery decor ideas for Baby Weiss.

Comic Relief

I wish I had discovered Pregnant Chicken before I did. I was searching something about airplane travel during pregnancy and one of the results was this hilarious website. Not only it is “laugh out loud” funny but also informative and helpful. I have only made a dent into the content of the website and I already think that someone needs to give Amy Morrison a much deserved book deal (I would be in line for the book signing in New York of course) because it would be a best seller! If you feel a little blue during or after your pregnancy this website is guaranteed to cheer you up and make you laugh about your new life.

What is your favorite pregnancy and motherhood resource?