Refresh Your Look With The Top Youtube Beauty Gurus

Do you want to refresh your look for fall without spending a single dime on make up? Or maybe you love makeup but are stuck in the same old routine. It’s time to rekindle your love affair with make up by learning new techniques. In the internet age, you can learn new techniques by using a search engine. But who are the best makeup gurus in the net? Who should you trust? Finding the right guru is no easy feat: democratic as it is, the net provides a platform for innovation…. or people who just look [insert British Accent here] “mental”.

Here are the Youtube Beauty Gurus I love:

Michelle Phan

One of the first make up tutorials I ever saw on Youtube was by Michelle Phan, she was creating the Lady Gaga Bad romance look (with the enormous eyes, remember?). The tutorial was entertaining and Michelle’s personality very sweet and endearing. She was knowledgeable and upbeat so I got hooked and subscribed. Hundreds of tutorials later, Michelle has been a brand ambassador for Lancome and recently launched her makeup collection EM by Michelle Phan. But the glamour and success haven’t gotten to her head. Michelle is still very much the beauty expert who can give you pointers on depuffing your eyes or turning into a character from Games of Thrones. What I really like is the down to earth tone of the tutorials and the inspirational message of kindness and confidence that seeps into but the Youtube and Social Media/Online presence.

Goss Makeup Artist

One thing you need to know about Wayne Goss is that he says it like it is. He wants to make you look good with what you have and won’t necessarily follow every latest beauty fad just because it’s so hot and everyone is talking about it.  Wayne’s videos are highly educational (and entertaining) because he is a born teacher. I have learned so much from his videos, from sculpting a good cheekbone to correctly applying eyeliner on a wooded eye.  If makeup tutorials could be compared to food tutorials, he would be like Alton Brown. If you subscribe to his channel (I strongly recommend it) you will soon notice that he is very objective in his evaluation of beauty products, sometimes even too sharp. He gives good grades for good products and bad grades for bad products, so when I need an objective review I usually turn to him, even on twitter for some sound advice.


Sisters Samantha and Nicole Chapman have complementary personalities: Nic is very bubbly and Sam is more sultry, but they have created a series of channels that are informative, fun and enjoyable.  If there is a look that you loved from the Academy Awards, you’d better believe it that they will post a video on how to recreate that look both with upscale products and on a budget. Not only they give you easy to follow tutorials, but they also have endearing personalities. They are super fun to watch especially in videos in which they appear together: the interaction between the sisters and the refreshing way in which they talk about makeup is fun and light, but it also shows the depth of their knowledge of the beauty and social media business. I confess I also bought the Real Technique Brushes created by Sam and absolutely LOVE them.

UPDATE! Guess what people? I actually got to meet the Pixiwoo Sisters in New York yesterday. A friend who follows them too sent me an email to tell me they would be at a store in Chelsea for a meet and greet.  So glad I went to meet then. They were so down to earth and lovely. After seeing all their tutorials I feel like I know them and their family (the power of social media!). If possible I am even a bigger fan now!

Charlotte Tilbury

When Tom Ford needed advice to create his cosmetics brand he turned toCharlotte Tilbury. Why? Because she is an industry veteran famous for her iconic looks. Inspired by Brigitte Bardot she created the cat eye Kate Moss is famous for. Charlotte’s work has been featured in the most prominent publications all throughout the world and when you see a picture of a movie star or a model looking glamorous and sultry, there is a big chance that she was the mastermind behind the look. I first saw Charlotte’s videos because she partnered with I learned how to make the feline flick she uses and Kate Moss and how to reshape my nose with bronzer… and finally at the beginning of September she launched her make up/skincare collection, available only at Selfridges (so far, hopefully they will ship internationally soon). I am so trilled and I would love to get my hands on some of the Magic Cream… I guess I will have to beg one of my London friends to send me a jar!

Lisa Eldridge

What’s with all the Brits in this list? There must be something in the water…. In my mind Lisa Eldridge and I are best friends (she is in good company because I would be best friends also with Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow). She is classy, fun, beautiful and a great teacher. She is also one of the most successful makeup artists in the UK. Her client roster includes so many super stars and models that you would imagine she would have no time for a Youtube Channel. She is also the Youtube ambassador to Chanel Makeup! Lisa has the most soothing voice and whether she is applying makeup on herself or a model, she manages to provide lots of great beauty tips in her videos. Some of her videos also have some sound life advice (like the one for makeup after a breakup). Watching her videos is like meeting with a friend for coffee (or tea) and chat about the latest and greatest in beauty. Maybe one day I will meet her for real!