Favorites: Back to School Beauty 2013

Hey Readers,

Where did the summer go? Seriously I am scratching my head wondering where it went! Maybe it was the weather in New York… most likely I was too busy to notice. Working, shooting videos, managing the Youtube Channel and planning a facelift for this website would do that to anyone! But with the impending end of summer I can’t stop thinking about the things that I love the most and how they can be carried into a stylish and (hopefully warm) Fall. Here are a few tips and must haves for back to school (or to the office) that may help in the process.

Hair and Body Routine

Sachajuan Repair Conditioner: I use it conditioner as a mask to soften my hair after it’s been fried by the sun…. Yeah, I know I shouldn’t let that happen but sometimes you just don’t have a hat! Anyway the conditioner is rich but lightweight and doesn’t leave any residue, even after you have kept it on for 10 minutes.

The Wet brush: this brush was a present from a friend and I was curious to try. I should say that my friend has beautiful long hair so whatever she is using must be really awesome. She recommended this brush because it detangles wet hair without pulling or scratching your scalp. Let’s be honest, no matter the amount of conditioned I put on my hair, combing after the shower can be a bit uncomfortable, but not with this brush. Talk about detangling even the most stubborn wavy hair in seconds. This is a must buy for kids too.

Dry Brushing: I picked up this habit in the spring since everyone from Michelle Phan to the Huffington Post were talking about it. But then, I got lazy… So the fall may be the best time to resume the good habits? Why dry brushing? Because it allows you to shed dead skin and if you have been in the sun, even with SPF you may have plenty of that by now. Added bonus #1? Your tan will fade evenly because of all the exfoliation. Added Bonus #2? Pair this process with a caffeine based body lotion and you will also help the microcirculation and in time reduce the appearance of cellulite. You wanna see how it’s done? Check out this video!

Bliss Grapefruit + Aloe Body Butter: You need to moisturize now more than ever! There is nothing worse than dry skin after the summer: you don’t want elephant skin, you want smooth glowing bouncy skin that looks healthy. I have been using this body butter all summer long and I confess that I have a soft spot for the zesty smell. But come on, it’s to be expected from a Mediterranean Woman to love anything with grapefruit in it. In addition, the aloe was perfect for all those pesky sunburns that would occur from time to time.

Extend the Summer Glow

Vita Liberata Phenomenal 2-3 weeks Tan Mousse: As a serial self tanner, I have seen and tried it all. There are some geographical areas in the world that tend to have specific products that are better than average. How do you explain how great Asian Mascaras are? Or the fact that the most amazing self tanners come from UK and Ireland? We have an internal struggle here people: I have always been a fan of St Tropez tanners and since 1999 I have been very faithful. When my friend Ryan came over for dinner and brought me this Vita Liberata mousse I was quite skeptical.  But I tried it nonetheless because what did I have to loose? Well it turns out that this products produces a pretty impressive, yet not orangey tan. While not long lasting 2 or 3 weeks as advertised, I actually had a great glow for about 10 days, which is great for any self tanner!

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed:  As we said before some countries create better products. It looks like Australians do highlighters better than others! I have been a fan of Becca’s Shimmering Perfector Liquid but this pressed version takes the cake. Highlighters can be tricky and inconvenient to use. I skip them all together on a daily basis unless I am having a really dull skin day. A pressed highlighter has several benefits: more control on the application, ease of use and incredible portability. I have introduced this pressed highlighter in my makeup routine and people have been telling me I am glowing (well it could be for other reasons too).

Metallic Nails: A little secret here… I do my own manicure every week. I know there are several great nail bars in New York but a) I don’t have time, b) I am afraid of getting some nasty infection and c) I find it ever so relaxing at night in front of the TV.  Since I save a lot of money on that I actually invest in great nail products and follow the latest and greatest nail trends, or at least those acceptable in corporate America (no nail art for me….). This Fall is all about metallic nails and I already found a couple of polishes I will add to my routine like Butter London Diamond Geezer, Full Monty and Knees Up.

So there you have it people! What if your back to school beauty ritual?