Cooking in Manhattan Pie Crust

VideoRecipe: Flaky Pie Crust

Dear Friends & Readers,

I was walking with my cousins through the Union Square Farmers’ Market last weekend and the produce was just glorious! Aside from the colors and aroma, the peaches, berries and cherries were juicy and sweet. This is my favorite season and like many others I love a good pie… If I had to pick between a blueberry pie and gelato… I would just put them together and have a blueberry pie a la mode!. I realized, though that my webseries was lacking a pie crust tutorial. Pas de domage, I fixed the problem right away and taped a pie crust tutorial that yields a flaky, golden brown crust that can be used for sweet and savory tarts. I usually make some ahead and keep it in the freezer because it always comes in handy.

What’s your favorite summer pie?