Favorites: Summer Lip Glosses

Dear Friends & Readers,

don’t you hate it when you put lip gloss on and all of a sudden the wind blows your hair right onto your shiny lips? That is what usually happens to me in the summer. As much as I love lipstick in the winter (especially matte red lipstick that stays on all day) as soon as summer comes I need something lighter and shinier. The scene I described before, if what usually happens, so I went on a quest to find lipglosses that aren’t sticky and don’t glue my hair on my face. Here are a few I started using this summer and really love.

Becca Ultimate Color Gloss: as you know Becca is a great British brand that has often been featured in the favorites. Aside from the gorgeous colors, Becca has great textures. The Ultimate is no exception. This light gloss keeps your lips moisturized for a loooooong time, smells like a vanilla flavored candy and the colors are fun but wearable. A definite must in your summer bag.

V-Beaute’ Lip Spread: this gloss is the summer dark horse.  The brand was created by a business woman who wanted a functional and luxurious cosmetic line and and efficient routine. The Lip Spreads are fun with their tongue in cheek names but are multifunctional, because they have anti age properties and serious staying power. The colors are more grown up so you won’t find any bright tangerine but they all are ever so flattering and take you from board room to dance floor in no time.

What’s your favorite gloss, lip treatment or secret weapon of luscious lips?