Cooking in Manhattan Pancakes

VideoRecipe: Fluffy Pancakes

Dear Friends & Eaters,

my friend Daniela who lives in London asked for a pancake recipe and I was only too happy to oblige. I love pancakes! Of all the American breakfast traditions they are probably my favorite and I learned how to make them as soon as I moved to New York. My classmates in law school used to come over to have pancakes in my first kitchen at NYU law.  I took my time in the past 9 years to perfect my technique and incorporate as many tricks of the trade to make my pancakes the fluffiest I can. They are quite literally soft pillows filled with fruit and coated in maple syrup. BUT they make lots of dirty dishes and take some time so they are not your average everyday pancakes that you can whip in few minutes and get ready for work. I usually make them on Sunday morning when I can take my time an do everything right.


Pancake trick No. 1: don’t use a pancake mix. I know it makes it more complicated but measuring your own ingredients allows you to know exactly WHAT goes in your food. Secondly, pancake mix needs to be shaken evenly otherwise the ingredients are not evenly mixed and you may have heavy and rubbery pancakes.

Pancake trick No. 2: The key to fluffy pancakes is separating the eggs and incorporating the whites, beaten to stiff peaks, into the batter a little at a time.

Pancake trick No. 3: Since pancakes are cakes after all, I sear the outside until it is golden brown, but then finish cooking them in the oven so that they don’t get too dark and the baking powder has time to play its magic!

I hope you enjoy my super fluffy Sunday pancakes!