Favorites: Mario Badescu Skincare

mario_badescuDear Friends & Readers,

The New York City weather this summer has been pretty brutal: humidity, heat and thunderstorms have made everybody’s skin oilier and greasier.  Not nice, if you ask me, especially when you leave your home every morning hoping that your makeup will last all day and you’ll look presentable at 3PM for your meeting with the big boss… Suffices to say we are all ready for something new (or old but never before experiences.). Skincare for me is very much like food: the fewer ingredients the better. Because if it applies to what goes in my stomach shouldn’t it apply also to what I put on my face? I am thinking of the list of ingredients I recently saw on a moisturizer from a major cosmetic brand (think one of the leading brands in the US and abroad). There were at least 50 ingredients and I couldn’t even spell half of them out: needless to say it was a disaster!

A former coworker, Janna, is a big fan of Mario Badescu’s skincare line, and many other people we know swear by it so, a couple of weeks ago, I decided to give it a try and report back to you all.  Mario Badescu has a very informative website where you can take a test and they send you samples of what would work for you.  I could have purchased products from the website but I really wanted someone knowledgeable to talk to. A confessor for my skincare sins (few) and flaws (many). So on a late afternoon a couple of weeks ago I met with Kelly at the MB salon. She analyzed my skin with a magnifying glass and said that my skin is in desperate need of superficial exfoliation. Not the deep “scrub your pores like it’s a toilet” exfoliation, but something more  shallow and gentle. These are her picks for summer skin problems:

Morning Routine

Nighttime Routine

Special Prescription:

The results: my skin has improved A LOT! Gone are excessive oiliness and the occasional pimples…. I am really please with this skincare line and I can see why it has so many faithful customers. It is effective, natural and won’t break the bank! Maybe all these reasons will make me a faithful user too.