Read List: Comic Books

Dear Friends & Readers,

I have always loved comic book characters and would get very excited when a new movie would come out. Superman and Batman were my favorite when I was a kid but the only stories I was ever exposed to were the ones in the movies. I was a nerd, yes, but not a comic book nerd.  I religiously would get in line for every last superhero movie (even the dreadful Batman with Val Kilmer) but buying a comic book was never my priority. In the past few years I have been patiently waiting for X Men, Wolverine, Iron Man (my favorite), Captain America and Thor, the finally for the Avengers. I even watched Man of Steel. Twice.  Yet I never even set foot in a comic book store before a friend, Sergio, who is a Marvel expert and has an encyclopedic knowledge of few things, including comics, told me my time had come to venture into the dark side of the force (oh wait… that was Star Wars).

Sergio hand selected Marvel Comic Books that I would read with the specific purpose of feeding me something that I would know of but with stories that haven’t been used by Hollywood yet. He also selected comics that stray from the traditional design of the past and have a more cinematic approach. Most of them are the brain child of Brian Michael Bendis, a legendary comic book writer famous for his unexpected and innovative story lines.  The most amazing part is that this list encompasses 5 years of comic books in the Marvel Universe life: characters considered minor, in Bendis’ capable hands become unexpected heroes or villains and wait until you see who they are!

A word of advice: reading a comic book in the NYC subways is a real conversation starter. I have never had as many people approaching me and starting a conversation!  This proves once again that men like the sexy nerd type (or maybe they know that another nerd won’t bust their chops if they spend money on comic books). So ladies…. if you are looking for a significant other and nothing else worked, try the comic book route. You  will definitely enjoy the stories and you may meet a decent man too!