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VideoRecipe: Homemade Almond Milk

Dear Friends & Viewers,

during my Dubai trip, my friend Franca, who is very health conscious, suggested that I go dairy free for a period of time. As my gastroenterologist Dr. Alfred Knapp says, the study of food allergies is still in its infancy: many people, like me and the Pirate for example, may have food allergies and not be able to identify them because the blood and patch tests are unable to zero in on the trigger.  The Pirate has undergone countless patch tests to figure out what triggers his allergy. I have always thought I had no food intolerance while  occasionally complain about oily skin and other minor discomforts, but I could never pinpoint what was the cause.  When Franca suggested that I go dairy free for a month I thought it would be a nice experiment but nothing would come out of that. After all, I come from the country of buffalo mozzarella and parmigiano so giving up milk should be fairly difficult and have virtually no impact on my health, right? Over the past month and a half I realized that dairy is kind of addictive and not in a good way.  First off, my morning espresso without milk was quite uninteresting. Secondly I LOVE cheese and the thought of not eating it for a month was quite unbearable.  But I wanted to challenge myself and trust Franca implicitly with the knowledge of health and wellbeing so I decided to play along.  As soon as we returned from Dubai I went grocery shopping and realized, much to my chagrin that nut milks are very heavily refined products and contain LOTS of sodium. My preference for healthy, unrefined food made store bought almond milk a big no-no. So I grabbed a bag of raw almonds and went home to search the web for a solution. I found many recipes for homemade almond milk but found them very wasteful as the almond meal should be discarded after filtering the milk. Why losing all the  fiber and vitamin? I seemed a waste and the yield was very limited so I decided to start testing a recipe of my own instead.


Please note that you can increase the amount of water for a more liquid almond milk. You can also swap dates for coconut sugar or maple syrup/sugar.  And finally…. the results are in: after 1 month of dairy free lifestyle I am happy to report that my skin is clearer and the small discomforts I used to have after eating dairy products have strongly reduced.  I look forward to a dairy free lifestyle but I know full well that as soon as I get to Salerno I will gladly bite into a nice mozzarella without thinking of the consequences!